DIY Mushroom Hat


Kayla Cheng, Staff Writer

On October 26th, a DIY mushroom hat tutorial by @itsmalaylay TikTok, showcasing her own take on the project, went viral and has gained 400k+ likes. I will break down how to create this unique hat in six steps. 

This project consists of a few easily obtainable materials:

  • Cardboard
  • Red felt 
  • White felt
  • White textured fabric (underside)
  • A thick piece of ribbon or long strips of cotton fabric 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Stuffing 
  • Masking tape or gummed water-activated tape
  • Scissors and cutter knife

Step 1: Cut a strip of cardboard about 1.5” wide, with its length the circumference of one’s head. Glue the ends together at the right circumference, allowing an extra inch or so to accommodate the cloth that will be attached beneath the band. Next, attach two additional 1.5” strips to go over the crown of one’s head in an X shape. Secure the ends with glue.  

Step 2: Using a piece of stiff cardboard, trace a circle that is several inches larger than the diameter of your head and cut it out. Shape the middle hole like an oval and you can use the frame that you made above as a guide. Trace around the template and cut the hole out with a butter knife.

Step 3: Attach the brim to the frame with masking or water activated tape. Next, cut and connect four additional 1.5” wide strips across the complete pinnacle of the hat, filling in the open areas and forming the top dome. Secure all ends with glue.

Step 4: Cut a circle that is 12″ longer in length than the diameter of your hat’s round brim. Create a larger oval template that is 8″ longer than your original and use this template to cut a gap out of the core of the cloth. You will end up with a piece of fabric bigger than the brim of your hat, in order for it to mimic the appearance of mushroom gills and to maximize the fabric area when it is scrunched inwards. With the brim upside down, attach the material round the inner hole using your warm glue gun, overlapping the material as you go.

Step 5: After you’ve connected all of the cloth around the inner crown, attach the fabric alongside the outside of the brim using the same overlap method. Flip the hat over and cut a circle out of your red felt that is roughly 4″ longer than the diameter of your brim. (You can adjust this depending on the height of your dome, but cut larger than your assumption due to the fact that it is easier to cut off excess material). Center the circle over the top dome and begin gluing it down alongside the edges, scrunching evenly as you go all the way around. With your hat upside down, insert stuffing through the open spaces alongside the outer edges for structure.

Step 6: After attaching the felt around the edges of the brim, discard any excess felt. Cut spot-like shapes out of your white felt and use hot or fabric glue to attach them. Get two ribbons or strips of fabric and attach them to opposite ends of the interior to use as ties.

Lastly, make sure to take hydration breaks and properly snack to ensure optimal health. Enjoy and have fun!