Summer Reading Suggestions

June 13, 2017

Summer Reading Suggestions

As summer comes around, high school students often ask themselves what they’re going to do for the next two months. The obvious answers are: go to the beach, attend late-night celebrations, Netflix-binge, and maybe read that supposedly great novel that they’ve been telling themselves they’re going to start. For any person looking to finally start that novel, but just can’t, and who just wants to read a good book filled with late-night adventures, a sizzling and semi-cheesy romance, superheroes, or even just a kid who could one day end up being your next-door neighbor, these books are perfect for you.




by Stephanie Garber

If you enjoy reading fantasy novels or going to summer-time carnivals, then this is the perfect late-night read for anyone looking for something fun, mysterious and exciting. Released January 31st, 2017, Caraval is the story of a girl name Scarlett Dragna whose lifelong dream is to see the annual Caraval show. She goes with her sister, Tella, and later finds out that Tella has been kidnapped by the head of the Caraval, Legend, as Tella has been chosen to be the center of the show. The object of the game is to find Tella by the end of the night, but she has to find her before someone else does, or risk losing her forever.



The Names They Gave Us

 by Emery Lord

Released May 16th, 2017, The Names They Gave Us tells the story of Lucy Hansson, who has her summer all planned out. At least, she thinks she does, until her mother’s cancer comes back. She planned to be a counselor at her Bible camp while spending time with her family and boyfriend. But now, Lucy isn’t sure if she can cope with the idea of losing her mother. And more, she gets switched to a camp for troubled kids while things aren’t looking too good with her boyfriend. But, things aren’t as bad as they seem. Managing her way through her mother’s illness and getting closer to her surprisingly wonderful and energetic co-workers, Lucy thinks everything is going to be okay. She thinks so, until some long-hidden family secrets come out that force her to face some of life’s biggest challenges. A newly released contemporary, this novel is great for anyone looking for an uplifting read about true friendship and overcoming the challenges that life has to offer.


Wonder Woman 

by Leigh Bardugo

#1 New York Times Bestselling author of the hit series The Grisha Trilogy: Shadow and Bone, and the popular new release Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo has taken it upon herself to create her own adaptation of the story of Wonder Woman. This prequel–as the first in the DC Icons Series–follows Diana (before she becomes Wonder Woman), Princess of the Amazons, as she saves the life of a mortal named Alia Keralis. It is soon discovered that Alia is a Warbringer, meaning that she is a direct descendant of the notorious Helen of Troy, and because of this, is being hunted. Now, Diana and Alia must stand together in a country on the brink of war. Originally created by DC Comics in 1941, the story of Wonder Woman has taken on many different adaptations, the latest of which is a hit blockbuster film released in theaters on June 2nd, 2017.


Everything, Everything  

by Nicola Yoon

Originally published September 1st, 2015, Everything, Everything is a young adult contemporary romance about a girl who is allergic to the world. She has been a prisoner in her home for the entirety of her life, and so has had no contact with people other than her mother and her nurse. That is, until a new boy moves in next door. Released as major motion picture May 19th, 2017, produced by Alloy Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Everything Everything is a story about facing your fears and finding love against all odds. For any person looking to read a light-hearted and humorous romance, Everything Everything is the perfect read for you.



You’re Welcome, Universe  

by Whitney Gardner

You’re Welcome, Universe is a beautiful novel about a girl who uses graffiti art as an outlet. After Julia gets expelled for creating a graffiti mural on the bathroom wall to cover up offensive slurs, she gets moved to a new school in the suburbs in which she gets made fun of for being the only deaf kid. Keeping her art close to her, she paints on just about everything she can find, and winds up getting caught in a graffiti war with an unknown adversary. Filled with illustrations to get a glimpse of Julia’s art, You’re Welcome, Universe brings us into the life of a girl who has a disability yet remains confident, happy, and just a bit sassy. Any person looking for a heart-warming contemporary with a break from fantasy or romance, this book is definitely for you.


American Gods

by Neil Gaiman

Originally a novel published in 2001 in the United Kingdom, American Gods is a combination of fantasy, mythology and Americana. It follows the life of Shadow the day he is released from prison. On his way home to Indiana to his wife and best friend’s funeral, Shadow is picked up by a rather peculiar man named Mr. Wednesday, who knows an uncanny amount of information about Shadow’s personal life. Shadow is hired to be his bodyguard, and with Mr. Wednesday, Shadow goes on an epic adventure through the secrets and lies of people’s everyday lives, and discovers that a war is brewing that could threaten the very existence of humankind. This Hugo- and Nebula Award-winning novel was recently made into a television series produced by FremantleMedia, starring Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon and Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday. This series began airing April 30th, 2017.

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