Kav and Kay’s Hot Takes

Kav and Kay’s Hot Takes

Pineapple on pizza? Socks when sleeping? Shirts under sweatshirts? These are just some of the many controversial topics that teenagers debate daily. We may be best friends and have many similar ideas, but we don’t always agree on everything. Here are some of our hot takes.

1. Shirts under sweatshirts is a no.

Kav/Kay: This is one that we have been debating for the last couple of months—we even got Mr. Hegarty involved in this dispute with our friends. It just seems very wrong to wear a shirt under a sweatshirt. The first issue is just the feeling itself. It feels overly stuffy and suffocating to be wearing a shirt under a sweatshirt that already has a warm layer lining the inside, making an added layer underneath to be uncomfortable. Furthermore, while the main argument against this is the practicality of layers, out of the numerous times we have worn just sweatshirts, there was never a time that we felt burning hot. 

2. Socks when you sleep.

Kav: Once, I woke up in the middle of the night to my dog, Benji, nibbling away on my toes. Socks protect your toes from curious puppies, dryness, irritation, and coldness. As long as the socks are not tight or uncomfortable, they can even make you fall asleep faster (avoiding a reason to take an unnecessary nap later in the day—more down below on this). Why wake up with dry, itchy feet when you can have warm, moisturized, happy feet?

Kay: I’m sorry but this is just a no. It is so strange to wear socks when you sleep. There is just something inherently wrong with the feeling of socks in sheets. It is scratchy, hot, and stuffy. If I was forced to sleep like this, I feel like I would find some way to yank them off in the middle of the night and I would probably get nightmares from this. This is just not right.

3. Crocs are fashionable.

Kav/Kay: Crocs was founded in 2002, and it rose to fame for its unique design, comfort, and practicality. While devoted Crocs-wearers have multiple pairs and proudly decorate them in Jibbitz charms, we agree that there couldn’t be an uglier choice of footwear. The holes appear like Swiss cheese and the boxy structure does not accommodate every foot type. Seriously, the company has even recently come out with themed pairs, like Dreamworks Shrek, to appeal to broader audiences. Personally, we wouldn’t want to be walking around with an ogre’s ears and nose sticking out of our feet.

4. Naps are a waste of time

Kay: Naps are not a waste of time. They are a great boost of energy when needed and are great for lazy afternoons. While I don’t take naps that often, I find them as a great mental reset and a way to give your body a rest in the midday. It is important to listen to the needs of your body. Quality work does not get done when your body is telling you to rest for a little. Even a thirty minute nap is a good reset that won’t be long enough to disrupt your sleep cycle either. Students are also notoriously known for terrible sleep schedules, and how can you be the best version of you when you’re barely keeping your eyes open.

Kav: Naps are a complete waste of time. Why would you need a nap if you were getting enough rest during the night, when you’re supposed to be sleeping? You could be soaking in the sun, vibing to some killer music, or munching on a yummy snack. Carpe diem, or seizing the day and living your best life as my French teacher Madame Bilali loves to remind her classes, is only possible if you’re awake! Snoozing and missing out on life is just lame.

5. Money can buy happiness

Kav/Kay: Money is what the world revolves around. Forget the sun, it’s money and happiness that makes this Earth spin! While it is a romantic thought to think happiness doesn’t have to be connected to the control of money, in all honesty, money provides the comfort that can grow excitement, love, and joy. Let’s go extreme: with all the money in the world, the necessities of life—food, water, shelter—are no longer a worry. Instead, you can travel the world! Go swim with pigs in the Bahamas. Eat chocolate croissants in Paris. Learn a British accent in England. The doors of opportunity are truly endless. With this freedom, happiness cannot escape the relaxation and comfort that this lifestyle provides.

6. Cereal before milk/cereal is a soup

Kav/Kay: Since the meal is called “cereal” and not “milk,” it makes sense to figure out how much cereal you want to eat before you pour the milk out. Pouring cereal into a bowl of milk is deceiving because since you can’t see the cereal being drowned in the milk, you won’t know the amount of cereal you have. Cereal first gives more stability and ensures that you’re eating just the right amount. Also, if your milk is poured out first, the risk of your cereal bag touching the milk is higher. No one wants a contaminated bag of cereal, or a soggy one because a droplet of milk escaped in from irrationally messing up the order. While we are on the topic of cereal, let’s be clear about one thing: it is a soup. While the idea of calling our beloved milk and grains “soup” seems unappealing, it’s a liquid in a bowl with something in it. Basically the definition of soup.

7. Being super tall is better than being super small

Kay: Let’s be real: being super tall is definitely better. For one, you can do more things. Tennis? Easy crushing serves and domination of the court. High cabinet? No problem, just within the reach of your fingertips. Need to see oncoming dangers? No worries, the bobbing heads of passerbyers are nothing to you. You could basically be a real-life superhero. Think about it, your long limbs and unimpeded eyesight can help you save people. You could scare off bullies by just staring down at them. Maybe you are so tall people are worried you might step on them. I don’t know, this seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Kav: This is for all the short kings and queens out in the world: being short is 100% better than being tall. You’ll never have to worry about bumping your head on door frames or low-hanging branches. You’re a limbo master without even trying! Traveling? Forget legroom woes because you can comfortably tuck your legs in or stretch them out without encroaching on anyone’s space. Embrace the vertical challenge because it might just be the secret to living longer! According to CNBC, researchers discovered that “shorter, smaller bodies have fewer diet-related chronic diseases.”

8. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Kav/Kay: For people who skip breakfast, they are truly missing out on this incredibly important and delicious meal. For one, breakfast is the release from a more than ten-hour period of not eating. It supplies the body with energy to help you get through the first part of the day, helping you properly wake up and start the day right. On another note, breakfast foods are absolutely scrumptious. Crepes, eggs, waffles, fresh fruits, bagels. With all these delicious options and many more, how could anyone want to skip breakfast?

9. Shoes in the house

Kav/Kay: Like many Asian households, shoes in our houses have never been an option. It’s considered disrespectful, dirty, and potentially uncomfortable. Mud, water, woodchips, and turf beads are just some of the particles that can be avoided by removing your shoes. If you want to be mindful of keeping your carpets, flooring, and furniture clean but want to cover your feet, it’s best to have an indoor pair of slippers or plain socks on.

10. Morning showers vs night showers

Kay: I love showering in the morning! Morning showers are a great way to get your body awake and refreshed. I find that showering at this time sets the tone for the rest of the day and gets it started on the right foot. For me, if I shower at night, when I wake up the next morning I can’t shake off the lingering hold of sleep and I already feel grimy by midday. 

Kav: After a long day at school or work, a shower before bed is just what everyone needs to relax. Washing away the day’s grime and sweat can help relax your muscles, maintain the cleanliness of your bed sheets, prevent clogged pores and breakouts, and save you time in the morning. Why wait to be refreshed in the morning when you can be rejuvenated in the afternoon and ready to tackle your homework? There’s no reason to feel grimy the next morning if you regularly change your sheets and wash your face with a splash of cold water.

These are just a few of the many controversial topics that we love to have friendly debates over. We hope that you enjoyed reading our perspectives on these hot takes!

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