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2017-2018 Staff

Hailey Ryan


Hailey Ryan ('18) is the Co-Editor-In-Chief of The Echo. She will be attending Barnard College next fall, where she plans on studying journalism and political science. When Hailey is not writing, you can either find her dancing,...

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Susan Wie


Susan Wie ('18) is Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Echo. In her free time, she enjoys writing, playing volleyball, or spending time with friends and family. Her writing has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards a...

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Nicholas Cohen

Sports Editor

Nicholas Cohen ('18) is the Sports Editor of The Echo. He is passionate about medical science and Spanish. In addition to being a member of The Echo, Nicholas is also a debate official and president of The Helping Hands Club. For e...

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Rachel Sarnak

Senior Editor

Rachel Sarnak ('18) has a passion for journalism and video production. Her favorite things to do include telling stories, playing lacrosse, and spending time with family. She loves contributing to The Echo and to THS-TV. She will...

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Sydney Lerner

Social Media Manager

Sydney Lerner ('19) is The Echo’s Social Media Editor. She is very interested in the world of social media and its massive influence on people and culture. Besides working with Echo, she photographs for Lucid Magazine, is invol...

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Celine Rafferty

Staff Page Developer

Celine Rafferty ('19) enjoys writing and is excited to be a part of The Echo. In addition to writing for The Echo and maintaining the staff page, Celine is her class treasurer, secretary of the school's Culinary Club, and the sta...

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Serenity Cray

Staff Writer

Serenity Cray (‘19) likes to voice her opinions and inform people on the latest topics through The Echo. She enjoys writing news articles and personal journal entries in her free time. When she isn’t typing on a keyboard, e...

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Nicole Shaker

Staff Writer

Nicole Shaker (‘20) is a Journalism student and Staff Writer for The Echo. She loves to write about entertainment topics and is excited to have her pieces published in the school newspaper. Other than writing, she takes an interes...

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Evan Hecht

Staff Writer

Evan Hecht (‘19) is an Echo Staff Writer with a passion for journalism. He is excited to continue his sister’s legacy, as she is a former writer and editor of The Echo. Evan enjoys writing arts and entertainment features, as we...

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Jiho Park

Staff Writer

Jiho Park (‘20) is thrilled to be a part of The Echo. He plays baseball and is an avid fan of the Yankees, Jets, and Nets. He is also an avid fan of video games such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike Go. He hopes to continue to wri...

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Ariana Bondi

Staff Writer

Ariana Bondi ('20), a Staff Writer for The Echo, enjoys writing, photography, fashion, swimming, lacrosse, reading, and clubs. She is excited to be on the Echo staff and enrolled in Journalism.

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Ben Tauber

Staff Writer

Ben Tauber ('18) is a Staff Writer for The Echo.

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Eden Witelson

Guest Writer

Eden Witelson ('19) is excited to be a Guest Writer for The Echo. He is a member of the debate and track teams, and is the President of the JSA club. He loves writing and looks forward to more contributions in the future.

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Yu Kyeong Cheong

Staff Writer

Yu Kyeong Cheong (‘21) enjoys reading and writing, and is excited to contribute to The Echo. In her free time she likes to hang out with friends, and watch movies. She is mostly excited to take photos about school events for t...

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Molly McGuinness

Staff Writer

Molly McGuinness (‘18) is excited to start writing for The Echo. She has a passion for writing and is glad that she is able to take the journalism course at the school. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family...

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Ashley Yom

Graphic Designer

Ashley Yom ('18) is a Graphic Designer. She designed the Echo banner.

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Nathan Kong

Staff Writer

Nathan Kong ('21) is a Staff Writer for The Echo.

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Kosei Dohi

Astronomy Blogger

Kosei Dohi ('21) is the Astronomy Blogger for The Echo. He is interested in astronomy and likes to play soccer in his free time. His favorite subject is science, and he aspires to be a professor in the future. He likes to write...

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Ken Liao

Staff Writer

Ken Liao (‘20) is excited to have one of his articles on The Echo. He is a big sports and music fan. Ken plays basketball and is a huge lover of alternative rock. You might be able to catch him in the practice rooms with his fr...

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Mara Farrell

Staff Writer

Mara Farrell (‘21) has been interested in writing and journalism for many years and is excited to get real experience by contributing to The Echo. Along with writing, she enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and listening to music. She is...

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Izzy Perez


Izzy Perez ('19) is a filmmaker, a goal keeper for soccer, and the Co-President of the Film Club. She's excited to have her films published in The Echo.  

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Noa Golan

Guest Blogger

Noa Golan ('18) is a Guest Blogger for The Echo.

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Emma Fuentecilla


Emma Fuentecilla ('19) is a student filmmaker, whose videos are featured in The Rough Cut Project. She enjoys dancing with her dance team, being co-president of the film club and making short films. She is excited for her videos...

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Jason Brancato

Staff Writer

Jason Brancato ('18) is a Staff Writer for The Echo. His favorite subjects are English and History. He is a part of the school's football and wrestling teams. Sports take up a big portion of Jason's life and he is looking to pursu...

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Bina Lee

Staff Writer

Bina Lee ('21) is a Staff Writer and is a freshmen taking the Journalism course who’s fond of books, music and movies. She is interested in learning French, literature, chemistry and history at school. When she’s not wri...

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Kathryn Zheng

Guest Writer

Kathryn Zheng (’20) has a passion for politics and foreign affairs and loves using words—both written and spoken—to communicate her thoughts on current events. As a member of Model UN, the debate club, and the co-president...

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Hunter Neuman

Staff Writer

Hunter Neuman (‘20) loves playing soccer and hopes to one day become a sports journalist. He loves to play video games such as FIFA and Rainbow Six Siege. He is excited to be a part of The Echo, and he hopes to have a succes...

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Melina Lotito

Staff Writer

Melina Lotito ('20) is thrilled to pursue her passion for writing in The Echo and can't wait to publish more of her stories. Other than writing, she enjoys playing volleyball and running track. In her spare time, she enjoys spendin...

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Alexia Celli

Freelance Videographer

Alexia Celli (‘20) is excited about working with The Echo team in various projects. She’s involved in Tenafly Sports for three seasons, playing volleyball, swimming, and lacrosse. She loves making movies and videos, becau...

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Aiden Kwen

Staff Writer

Aiden Kwen ('20) likes pop culture and social issues, and enjoys seeing how the two interact. A member of the Debate Club and President of the Controversy Club, he is fond of philosophy, law, and argumentation. He’s glad he’s...

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Norhan Zouak

Staff Writer

Norhan Zouak (‘21) has always been interested in writing and journalism, but it was not until this year that she decided to broaden these interests by joining The Echo. She is happy to be enrolled in Journalism and to be a mem...

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Cleopatra Lim

Guest Writer

Cleopatra Lim is a senior at Tenafly High School. She enjoys to swim, watch films, and write creatively. Her favorite genres of writing are creative nonfiction, satire, opinion editorial and game of thrones fanfiction.

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Julia Smolyak

Guest Writer

Julia Smolyak ('21) is a Guest Writer for The Echo.

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Dan Rudiak

Guest Writer

Dan Rudiak ('19), a Guest Writer for The Echo, was recently awarded two Silver Key awards in poetry in the 2018 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. He's interested in creative writing and international affairs.

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Sophia Dongaris

Staff Writer

Sophia Dongaris ('20) is excited to be a part of The Echo family and can't wait to publish more of her work. She enjoys playing soccer with her team and running track. In her spare time, she also enjoys free-writing and reading....

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Priscilla Song

Staff Writer

Priscilla Song (‘20) enjoys writing and reading. In her free time, she also likes to spend time with her family and participate in the school's Color Guard. She is excited to be working with The Echo and looks forward to contr...

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Annabel Schulze

Guest Writer

Annabel Schulze ('19) likes to dabble in as much as the school has to offer, and was excited to find this creative platform for the school. She can't wait to explore what projects The Echo will inspire.

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Alison Zhitkov

Guest Writer

Alison Zhitkov ('18) is excited to become more involved in The Echo. She is also the President and Founder of the Science Discovery Club and a member of the indoor and outdoor track and field team. In ten years, Alison sees her...

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Sydney Salk

Music Blogger

Sydney Salk ('18) is excited to be able to share her opinions in The Echo. In addition to being a Freelance Music Blogger, Sydney is also President of The New York Times Club, the Sound Engineer for Tech Crew, and a varsity mem...

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Yuhung Leesheng

Guest Writer

Yuhung LeeSheng ('18) is a freelance writer for The Echo. You can usually see him around in Key Club International or TEF Club. He participates in Cross Country, Swimming, and Track.

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Emma Cohen

Staff Writer

Emma Cohen ('18) is a Staff Writer for The Echo. She is a member of the Book Club and does MMA kickboxing. When she's not working or spending time with friends and family, you can find her nose-deep in a book, playing video ga...

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Marc Vitenzon

Staff Writer

Marc Vitenzon ('18) is a staff writer for The Echo. He is also a sports-writer and the director of the soccer section for MyWeeklySports. Marc enjoys reading about, writing about, watching, and playing soccer in his free tim...

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Emily Kahn

Freelance Videographer

Emily Kahn is a senior who has a passion for filmmaking. In addition to being a Freelance Videographer, she is also working towards her Girl Scout gold award. Emily is the Co-President of the Book Club, varsity basketball statistician,...

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Yuri Han

Staff Writer

Yuri Han ('18) is a staff writer for The Echo. She is also co-editor of the school's literary magazine, Omega. Her creative work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and NCTE, and her work has been pub...

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Ahri Han

Staff Writer

Ahri Han ('18) enjoys exploring the world around her through scientific research and writing. She is excited to be a Staff Writer for The Echo. Ahri is also the Co-Editor of the school's annual literary and art magazine, Omega, a...

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Emily Press

Food Blogger

Emily Press ('18) is passionate about good food and cooking, and is excited to share her recipes in The Echo. In addition to being a freelance food blogger for The Echo, Emily is President of Habitat for Humanity. ...

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Adi Gal

Copy Editor

Adi Gal ('19) enjoys reading and writing. In addition to being a Freelance Copy Editor for The Echo, she is the Art Editor of Omega, the school's literary journal.

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Mr. Moger

THS TV Advisor

Mr. Moger teaches Stagecraft, TV/Video Production, and THS-TV. He's also the advisor of the school's award-winning Tech Crew.

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Mr. Whitehead

Echo Advisor

Mr. Whitehead is a teacher, poet, and crossword constructor. He has taught English at the school for twenty-one years. His poems have appeared widely in journals and magazines, including Ploughshares and The New Yorker. His third book of...

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