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2020-2021 Staff

Michelle Lee


Michelle Lee ('21), Co-Editor-in-Chief for The Echo, is ecstatic to expand her passion for writing in The Echo. In her free time, she likes to write, read, take photos, and play with her dog Gnocchi.

Seren Park


Seren Park ('21), Co-Editor-in-Chief, enjoys spending her free time reading YA fantasy novels and watching Netflix shows. She tends to write pieces focused on school news, but she makes sure to keep up with current events and...

Jonathan Tenenbaum

Managing Editor

Jonathan Tenenbaum ('21) is the Managing Editor for The Echo. He enjoys writing about pop culture, student life, and exploring politics as a teenage independent. He started Tenafly High School's official podcast, The THS Tige...

Gavin Clingham

Staff Writer

Gavin Clingham ('23) is excited to write for The Echo. He loves watching movies, composing screenplays, playing the drums, and writing movie reviews.

Dina Shlufman

Staff Writer

Dina Shlufman ('23) is beyond excited to be a Staff Writer for The Echo. She enjoys writing about everything and anything. She loves to play piano, read, run, and listen to her extraordinarily diverse and lengthy playlists. Sh...

Gia Shin

Staff Writer

Gia Shin (‘23) is elated to be a Staff Writer for The Echo. She enjoys writing journalism and creative nonfiction pieces. She runs a mental health blog and hopes to publish a book by the end of high school.

Daria Levy

Staff Writer

Daria Levy ('23) is a Staff Writer for The Echo and enjoys writing (clearly), cooking, and catching up on her favorite criminal podcast series.

Jacqueline Kim

Staff Writer

Jacqueline Kim (’23), a Staff Writer for The Echo, is thrilled for the opportunity to broaden her perspective of writing through journalism. She also enjoys reading, writing, and painting in her free time.

Micole Abdelhak

Staff Writer

Micole Abdelhak (‘22) is a Staff Writer for The Echo. In her free time, she enjoys writing, rowing, and listening to music. She is very excited to be contributing her ideas to The Echo for another school year. ...

Erin Hong

Staff Writer

Erin Hong ('22) likes checking things that go on in the world on a daily basis. Her days are basically spent either doing her nails or taking two-hour naps. That's all she does.

Bina Lee

Staff Writer

Bina Lee ('21), a Staff Writer and a senior taking the Journalism Honors course, is fond of books, music, and movies. She is interested in learning French, literature, chemistry, and history at school. When she’s not writin...

Emily Kim

Staff Writer

Emily Kim ('24) likes to watch TV shows and listen to music during her free time. She is excited to share her writing and work with the members of The Echo.

Junhyoung (Edward) Kim

Staff Writer

Junhyoung (Edward) Kim ('24) is a Staff Writer for The Echo and enjoys public speaking, swimming, listening to music, and making things "aesthetic." He also enjoys keeping up with the latest news whether the news is about politics...

Kayla Cheng

Staff Writer

Kayla Cheng ('24) enjoys painting, watching anime, and also reading realistic fictions and romance novels. She is excited to work as a staff writer for The Echo and enthusiastic to interact with other members.

Rowan Copes

Staff Writer

Rowan Copes ('23) has always been interested in journalism and is excited to be publishing stories on The Echo. Her favorite subject is history, and outside of school she enjoys reading and spending time with friends.

Lily Park

Staff Writer

Shira Oelsner

Staff Writer

Mr. Whitehead

Echo Advisor

Mr. Whitehead is a teacher, poet, and crossword constructor. He has taught English at THS for twenty-four years. His poems have appeared widely in journals and magazines, most notably in The New Yorker. His fourth collection of poems...

Ryan Kim

Staff Writer

Ryan Kim (’23) is a Staff Writer for The Echo who is excited to widen his writing and journalism skills. During his free time, he jogs, listens and sings along to music (preferably ’60s-’90s rock or blues), plays tennis a...

Karis Cho

Staff Writer

Karis Cho (‘23) is thrilled to be writing for The Echo. As someone with a strong interest in social psychology, she loves to dive deeper into personality and human behavior. In her free time, she enjoys reading, graphic design, ...

Mia Villavicencio

Staff Writer

Mia Villavicencio ('23) is excited to be a member of The Echo. She loves to read and write about a variety of topics for The Echo, especially those relating to science. She loves music and enjoys playing the violin and piano ...

Chaeyoung Lee

Staff Writer

Chaeyoung Lee ('21) is excited to be a Staff Writer for The Echo. In her free time, she enjoys reading fiction pieces from The New Yorker, which all strangely end ambiguously, and loves to code while listening to music....

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