Kav and Kay’s Useless Amazon Finds for Useful Situations

Kav and Kays Useless Amazon Finds for Useful Situations

Amazon seems to carry everything from kitchen soap to swimsuits. However, some quirky, seemingly useless items often leave shoppers scratching their heads. Yet, at certain times, these gadgets prove their value in surprising ways. Here are some of our favorite seemingly useless Amazon items that can turn out to be surprisingly essential in certain circumstances.



Ever get Cheeto dust or chip flavoring smeared across your fingertips? It can be a messy dilemma when trying to eat a snack while typing on a computer to finish an assignment. However, this item solves that problem. Instead of reaching into a bag of chips with your fingers, you can use a chipstick. It has small chopstick-like prongs attached to the end to avoid getting your hands dirty.


Reacher Grabber

Have you ever dropped your phone behind your couch just as you were getting ready to binge another Netflix show? Or maybe you spotted that one sock under the bed, but couldn’t be bothered to crawl after it? Enter the reacher grabber, your new best friend for your lazy moments. This handy tool, with its long handle and gripping claws, is designed to help you snag out-of-reach items without moving an inch. With a reacher grabber, you can stay cozy while effortlessly rescuing all those runaway items.


Mosquito Bite Sucker

As summer approaches, mosquito swarms are becoming more prevalent, leaving itchy, swollen bumps across arms and legs. However, the Mosquito bite sucker is an alternative remedy to creams or ice by using suction to extract the saliva of mosquitoes. This helps to alleviate the stinging sensation from bites, providing instant relief and making the summer heat more tolerable.


Chip Bag Sealer

Are you tired of stale chips ruining your snack time? Say hello to the chip bag sealer, a simple yet ingenious gadget that keeps your favorite snacks fresh and crunchy. Just slide it across the open end of your chip bag or any other snack bag, and the airtight seal will lock in the freshness. It’s perfect for home use, picnics, camping, or on-the-go snacking.


Car Cleaning Putty

Cars are a hub for dust, dirt, and food crumbs. It can be especially difficult to clean all the dirt up when they get stuck in the small wedges within the car. But with this car cleaning putty, the putty can sink into the crevices within the car to pick up lost pieces of food crumbs. No more crusty car cup holders or seats!


Neck fan

If you’ve ever been outside on a sweltering day wishing for a personal breeze to keep you cool, the neck fan would be a lifesaver. This portable fan fits snugly around your neck, hands-free, sending a refreshing airflow your way to keep you comfortable and sweat-free. Whether you’re hitting the gym, sitting in the third row of a car where the AC doesn’t reach, or just relaxing, the neck fan ensures that you stay cool.



Perfect for school restrooms, cramped airplane bathrooms, or even at home when guests are over, Poo-Pourri is an incredibly handy product. Simply spritz the toilet bowl before you go, and the essential oils create a barrier that traps unpleasant smells below the water. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in your bag, ensuring that every bathroom you use stays fresh and inviting. 


Desk Vacuum

For people who use a lot of erasers, this item can be helpful in quickly cleaning up the table without brushing eraser scraps to the floor. The desk vacuum is small, quiet, and can be easily stored in a drawer. When a desk becomes flooded with food crumbs or eraser marks, this device is perfect for efficiently cleaning it up.


Kindle Page Turner

When reading with a Kindle, it can get tiring holding up the device, especially when lying down. It can also be hard to get into a comfortable position under blankets when you need free hands to grip the device and press the screen to turn pages. Thus, the Kindle page-turner comes into play and aids in resolving these concerns. A reader using a Kindle can attach the device to a stand and use a small remote to turn pages and control the screen. 


Inflatable Travel Pillow

When traveling, especially on a plane, it can be challenging to find a comfortable position to take a snooze or to relax. The cramped spaces and odd position of the seat only add to the discomfort of a passenger, and unlike small kids who can stretch out and take up two seats, resting their heads on their mom’s lap, older kids and adults don’t have this luxury. Thus, the inflatable travel pillow is oddly perfect for this inconvenient situation. When traveling, a passenger merely has to blow up the pillow and it is ready to be used. The pillow is designed in a box sort of shape, with a hole at the top for someone to rest their face on, and a gap in the middle for the person to rest their arms.


While these Amazon finds may seem odd or unnecessary at first glance, they may be incredibly useful in specific situations. From stale snacks to pesky mosquito bites, these innovative tools offer solutions to life’s little challenges. Next time you come across a quirky product online, don’t be quick to dismiss it — you never know when it might just become your new favorite tool.

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