Halloween Costume Ideas for the Low-Effort Senior


Charlie Brown’s ghost costume.

Kathryn Zheng, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Stressed about college apps? Still scrambling to write that Common App essay when your November 1st deadline is—1 week away? Just saw that email, sent three weeks ago, in your school Outlook about how you need to get your Halloween costume for the parade approved ASAP but don’t want to go to the excruciating effort of getting in the car, putting your foot on the gas pedal, and driving all the way to the Party City that’s twenty whole minutes away? Well, look no farther than this article—I’m here to give you some fantastic ideas for costumes you can whip up in 15 minutes with household items.

Number 1: The VSCO Girl

Do you take pride in making fun of tween girls who just want to express themselves? Do you hate people who follow trends that are popular for, gasp, a reason? Do you make fun of Tik Tok at every opportunity but secretly spend hours on end every night watching them under your bedsheet covers? Then this costume is perfect for you, you edgy little wannabe nihilist! Simply use one of your dad’s old, enormous blue t-shirts, steal a scrunchie from your little sister, find that puka shell necklace from your vacation to Cabo five years ago, and say “SKSKSKSKSKS” every time you see or hear anything remotely funny.

Is every other high school boy going to dress up as this? Yes. Will you be unique? No. Will you take pride nonetheless in this low effort, cheap shot costume? Of course you will!

Number 2: The Ghost

A classic. If it’s good enough for Charlie Brown, it’s good enough for you. You won’t be winning any awards with this costume, but it does the job. Are you scary? No. Are you cute? No. Are you funny? Absolutely not. But you didn’t spend more than 5 minutes on it, and that’s a win in and of itself. Just don’t be disappointed if you only get rocks.

Number 3: The Gamer

You’ve got gaming headphones. You’ve got an oversized sweatshirt you never wash, and you walk around the house in just your boxers. You’ve got a Nintendo Switch. You haven’t successfully talked to a girl in 4 years. You’ve drank nothing but Mountain Dew and Red Bull for the past 2 months. Yep, it’s gamer time.

Number 4: The Beauty Guru

Okay, this one takes a bit more effort, considering that it requires you to a) be half-decent at makeup and b) wake up early on Halloween to apply said makeup. If you can do both, though, this is an easy one: all you need is excessive contour and highlight, a cute outfit that doesn’t say “trying too hard,” and a belief that you are by far the most wonderful person in the world.

Number 5: The Prom Queen

The one thing you might need to buy for this one is a tiara. Besides that, though, we all know you’ve got a bunch of dresses in your closet that you never wear anyway, so why not just pull one out and put it on? Will it be kind of boring and safe? Yes. Will you be freezing? Almost certainly. Will this be a cute “costume”? Yes! 

Number 6: The Basketball/Football/Baseball Player

You have a jersey with a basketball/football/baseball player’s name on it anyway, and you’ve worn this costume every Halloween for the past five years, so why not just wear it again? You’re definitely not winning any awards for creativity here, but that was never the point anyway. After all, trying? That isn’t cool, and you want to be cool

Number 7: Psychopath

You’re terrifying. You strike fear into the hearts of your victims. Children run away, screaming, at the mere sight of you. You are heartless. You are merciless. You will steal the souls of your victims. Yep—you’re a dentist. Beg your chemistry teacher for a lab coat, get some metal tools that look like torture devices from the kitchen, and show up to school wearing your best diabolical grin. 

Number 8: Person Who Hates Halloween

Remember how Costume Number 2 literally only takes 5 minutes to make? If 5 minutes is just too long for you, you lazy little hobgoblin, you can always be a person who hates Halloween! This costume is easy; all you need is your normal school clothes and a perpetual frown on your face. Isn’t refusing to have fun just so great?

(If you regret not putting in effort the one time in high school you could actually wear a costume to school, don’t come crying to me. After all, you’re the one who decided that watching YouTube streams of League of Legends for 8 hours straight was a better use of your time than finding something actually good to wear on Halloween.)