What No One Tells You About Gigi Hadid’s Spicy Vodka Sauce Recipe

What No One Tells You About Gigi Hadids Spicy Vodka Sauce Recipe

Daria Levy, Staff Writer

After a long day in the city, my friends sat in my kitchen, complaining about their hunger. Although I typically brush this off by telling them to make something themselves, I recalled seeing numerous Tik Toks about supermodel, Gigi Hadid’s vodka sauce recipe. Seeing people rave about the hints of spice and creaminess of the recipe, I knew I had to try it. 

 My cooking skills aren’t ideal, but that day, I was determined to become the next Gordon Ramsey. I opened up Safari, searching for the recipe, and a wave of encouragement rushed through me as I realized all of the ingredients could be found in my pantry. With the help of my friends, we assembled the ingredients and began cooking. 

First, we heated up olive oil in a pan on medium heat and cooked chopped onions and garlic cloves. Our first mistake was leaving the onions for so long, as they turned into a deep black instead of the caramel brown we intended for them to be. Next, because we did not have any tomato paste, we placed a few tablespoons of tomato sauce onto the pan. In my fifteen years of life, nobody ever told me that tomato sauce basically explodes over heat. The oil quickly began spewing as I leaped backward, attempting to avoid what seemed like raging balls of fire. Because of my deathly fear of the angry pan, I volunteered my friends to continue adding the tomato sauce. Slowly, but surely, we added the final tablespoons of the sauce. 

In my fifteen years of life, nobody ever told me that tomato sauce basically explodes over heat.

— Daria Levy ('23)

A few ingredients later came the vodka. By this point we had already added heavy cream, which we were convinced would cool everything off and stop any “future-spewing.” This, we shortly understood, was very wrong because the vodka triggered more fireballs than the tomato sauce, if that was even possible. Violent crackling noises seized from the pan as my friends and I dared each other to inch near the furious blend of vodka and tomato sauce. 

Finally, we added the parmesan cheese and the pasta water, finalizing Gigi’s infamous sauce. Overall, I wish the recipe would come with a few warnings regarding how violent one’s pan gets by the end of the recipe. Knowing that, I would’ve avoided wearing the new top I got for Hanukkah and would’ve been prepared with a lid to combat the evil bullets shooting from the pan. I must admit, however, the sauce itself was incredible, and I see myself making it more in the future. It was, in fact, creamy with perfect hints of spice and just the right amount of flavor of tomatoes. The recipe itself is also quite simple and quick, so I would not advise anyone against making it, but I would advise to just be careful. If you are looking for a delectable pasta sauce with hints of adrenaline, Gigi Hadid’s vodka sauce recipe is just for you!