Letter to the Editors


Ms. Cutrone, Social Studies Supervisor

To the Editors:

Re: Holocaust Lacks Representation in American Public School Systems

The article by Ms. Matsliah misrepresents the Holocaust curriculum at Tenafly High School. While I agree it is important to acknowledge the prevailing anti-Semitism problem in our country as well as the restriction of teaching subjects like the Holocaust in other states, it is equally important to note that our high school places a strong emphasis on educating students about the Holocaust and other genocides throughout history. We have integrated the Holocaust into our United States History II and European History courses at all levels. Through these courses, we thoroughly cover the causes, misconceptions, timeline, lessons learned, and the atrocities committed against 13 million innocent people with the largest percentage being the Jewish people. Our curriculum, which is publicly available, provides comprehensive information on how we cover the Holocaust. Furthermore, the social studies department recently invited multiple descents of Holocaust survivors to share their grandparents’ experiences to our sophomores. I wish Ms. Matsliah would have taken the time to meet with me before publishing this article as I would have been happy to share this information with her and hear her concerns. 

Ms. Cristina Cutrone

Social Studies Supervisor