Letter to the Editors


Mr. Morrison, Principal of Tenafly High School

Dear editors,

First let me state that I am very pleased with The Echo in its online version and appreciate all of the work of the editors, the writers, and the advisor.  I am very proud of how The Echo reflects upon THS.

I was a little puzzled by a recent editorial called “Fear the Freshpocalypse.” While I understand the purpose of the article was to entertain, and not necessarily a call to arms, I am concerned that if left unanswered some of the assertions made might seem to be true, when in fact they are 100% false.

There is no senior hallway. Perhaps in some dark past there was division of the building hallways by grade, but in 2018 all grades are welcome in all hallways. This is not to say that I don’t love my seniors or care about them—we have a seniors-only lounge, and I have faithfully fought off all attempts to allow juniors to park in the senior lot (including junior EMTs and firefighters).

In THS there is no totem pole, no cycle, and no ropes to learn as some students commented in the article. Such concepts seem out of the dark ages of hazing and bullying, and they have no place in THS today.

Thank you for printing my response, and I trust we can now put to rest any talk of any restricted hallways based on grade or age.

Again I remain a huge fan of your work.


Mr. Morrison