Super Tasty Music – December Edition

Take a break from playing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on repeat for these super tasty December song recs.


Alessandra Bontia and Olivia Westfield


Satellite – Guster

We’re taking it all the way back to 2006 for this first Super Tasty hit of the month. Although you may have never heard of American rock band Guster, “Satellite” is worth the listen. This track ties artificial and natural sounds together seamlessly into a repetitive, hypnotic lull that’s surprisingly calm for an indie rock band. When combined with uncomplicated, transparent lyrics–“You’re riding with me tonight/ Passenger side, lighting the sky/ Always the first star that I find”–“Satellite” becomes the aural equivalent of warm summer breezes, rolled-down windows, and winding roads.

Echo – Kevin Abstract

Kevin Abstract has acted as centerpiece of the prolific (see: four full-length albums in under two years), genre-breaking boyband BROCKHAMPTON since 2015. Additionally, his extensive work as a solo artist makes him a strong candidate for busiest name in alternative hip-hop. His 2016 album American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story boasts 16 tracks, “Echo” being by far the most heart-wrenching. Lyrically, Abstract explores the helplessness of heartbreak (“Howlin’ at the moon ain’t gon’ bring you back”), struggles with his parents’ perception of him (“He was a bad son, so he left home”), and relinquishes himself to vulnerability (“You can take a look into my eyes/ Go ahead and tell me what you find”).

Motion – Emotional Oranges

With a bassline evocative of Tame Impala, 80’s-esque gated reverb, yet smooth and modern vocals, “Motion” is an enigma of sound. The sheer amount of groove packed into this one song is ridiculous. The simplicity of the lyrics takes you to the dancefloor instantly: “I needed someone who makes me feel/ I’m craving something different, someone new/ And I don’t want to talk”.

Accordion – Madvillain

The only thing predictable about this minute-and-a-half long track? Accordion sounds layered under a punchy, lazy beat. From the comfort of his untouchably natural delivery, Madvillain spits some gorgeous wordplay: “Get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos/ Slip like Freudian, your first and last step to playing yourself like accordion”. Each of Madvillain’s verses are a treasure hunt; you’ll find more quirky lines like this with each listen, making “Accordion” the gift that keeps on giving.

Who Hurt You? – Daniel Caesar

Known for his angelic voice showcased through soft love ballads (ever heard of “Get You”?), Caesar has most definitely made a name for himself in the world of R&B. However, “Who Hurt You?” comes as an uncharacteristically bouncy jam, adorned with distorted vocals and heavy bass. He acknowledges the reason for this change in his lyrics, referring to his departure on a world tour in October 2017: “Strange new addictions picked up on the road/ Changed my opinions and changed up my flow”. With this track, Caesar has shown himself to be a versatile artist no matter what type of flow he takes on.


Come Thru – Drake

Nothing is better than driving with your windows down and your hand doing that little wavy thing like it’s surfing through the air. Although we’ve already felt the cold chill that makes us turn the heat in the car up to max, this song gives major summer night vibes. Hailing from his third studio album Nothing Was the Same, the song emphasizes the chill and sublime voice Drake doesn’t seem to advertise as much anymore. The song follows Drake and his relationship with a girl, asking her to “come thru” to his “crib.” If you close your eyes and imagine hard enough, you might even be able to picture Drake talking directly to you.

She Don’t – Ella Mai and Ty Dolla $ign

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “Alessandra, really? Mainstream artists like Ella Mai and, of all people, Ty Dolla $ign?” Yes. I know they are probably the artists of the songs playing on Z100, but this song is so worth it. Besides the fact that Ella Mai’s voice slips into your ear like butter, the song is a reminder that no matter what happens, you are unique and valuable. Breaking up with her now ex, Mai recounts how her ex-boyfriend is downgrading: “No comparison / She don’t.” The beat is contagious, and makes you feel like a strong, independent survivor of that relationship you’ve never been in.

Delilah – Aeris Roves

Aeris Roves’s voice is refreshingly unique and offers a catchy tune. It’s a bit of a folksier pop song, yet it doesn’t feel like anything mainstream. Lyrically, Roves talks about “Delilah,” a presumed past lover who keeps finding their way back into Roves’s life: “Happens always / No one told me / I would fall for you like I did last night when you let me down / You came out the blue / I came out my shell for you.” The control Roves has over his voice is overwhelmingly impressive, and the way he delivers each line makes this song stand out from any typical pop song. This is similar to a Rex Orange County-Mac Ayres type song.

Sleeep – Kayo Genesis

Whether you stayed up until 2 A.M studying for that chem test or just are a teenager going through adolescence, you know that the weekend is sacred, sacred sleeping hours. Kayo Genesis, an emerging artist, captures the desires to sleep (or sleeep, as Mr. Genesis would like to put it). With a funky, vibey beat dancing in the background, Kayo Genesis’s flow is relentless and captivates its listeners no matter how tired they are. If you’re looking for a comparison, his flow and the song itself are  similar to those of the late Mac Miller on his last studio album, The Divine Feminine.

Wanna Be Cool – Donnie Trumpet and the Social

Chance the Rapper, Big Sean, and KYLE feature on this track to raise awareness on the importance of being yourself and not conforming to society in order “to be cool.” They make you feel a little bit better about not being able to afford those designer jackets and Gucci slides your friends are wearing: “Okay let’s remember that shopping at Payless / it just means you pay less, it don’t make you bae-less / If you don’t get retweets /  that don’t me you say less, okay?”. Not only will you feel better about accepting yourself, but you’ll be jumping and hopping around, grooving to the funky, jivey beats Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment are known for mastering.