The Non-Physical Sport That’s Taking over the World


Jiho Park, Guest Writer

There’s no better feeling than waking up on a Sunday morning and proceeding to watch football all day long. The games start at one in the afternoon and end at around midnight. But for fans, football isn’t just about watching. It’s also about “playing”—not physical playing, of course, but rather “Fantasy Football.”

Fantasy Football is the concept of picking players from teams and getting points based on certain stats. For example, a quarterback will get a certain amount of points per yards thrown, touchdowns, or rushing yards. However, a stat that is negative, like an interception, fumble, or yards lost, will grant negative points. People can play in leagues with their friends and face each other in a weekly competition for bragging rights. Most players, however, place bets and gamble on their knowledge to win their league. 

The idea of Fantasy Football is innovative and entertaining. But the thing that makes Fantasy Football really special is the trash talk that is exchanged between members in the same league. It isn’t just about who has the better team; it’s about who has more knowledge of the sport. If one drafts a player and expects him to do well while others don’t, that person will brag endlessly about his pick.

“The fact that you are able to formulate a team compared to everyone else and let your friends know that you’re smarter is what makes it more fun. For me, it’s a battle of who knows more football,” said Ismail Khassa (’20). Other students have similar sentiments as well. “Not only can I brag about winning to my friends, but I can also make some money too,” stated Hunter Neuman (’20). “Last year, I won my league and earned $440.”

At the end of the day, Fantasy Football is all about having fun. It is enjoyable to watch football all day long and to catch multiple games at once. Watching teams beyond just your few favorites will only help improve upon your knowledge of the game. Football is and will always be America’s favorite sport, but Fantasy Football is a crucial reason for its recent popularity.