The New Personal Assistant for Block Scheduling

The New Personal Assistant for Block Scheduling

Micole Abdelhak, Staff Writer

More and more districts are adopting the new block scheduling system, and keeping up with classes, start times, IDTs, and labs is, for students and staff at these schools, harder than ever. Not one student can say that they haven’t gotten confused about their schedule or had a mini heart attack because they accidentally cut a lab. To help with the ongoing problem of confusion about block scheduling, a new app has been invented to assist students in getting to their classes on time in a stress-free and easy way. This app is called Saturn, and its popularity has grown quickly. It works by keeping a record of a school’s schedule. For Tenafly, it keeps track of orange and white days and A, B, C, D, and E days. It then takes the programmed-in schedule for each student and automatically creates a daily schedule customized for each student. 

Not only does it provide students with their schedule, but it also informs students of how much time has elapsed in the period, how much time is left in the period, and the percentage of time left in the day. It also will inform students of snow days, because in addition to an email, multiple phone calls, a post on Instagram, and a plethora of group chat texts, an additional reminder couldn’t hurt. Every morning, the app will send a friendly alert out that informs when each student’s first class is and which day it is.

Additionally, it supplies the participants with the names of other students in their classes, if those students choose to keep their schedules public. (In other words, if someone forgot the name of the person who sits behind her in English, Saturn has her back.) 

Now, with a new personal, technological assistant, all a student has to worry about is correctly programming her schedule into it the first time, and the app will take care of the rest. The block schedule that once seemed impossible and intimidating will have never seemed so easy.