Deputy Assistant Secretary Busted for Falsified Resumé


Claudia Sindoni Bonilla, Staff Writer

Mina Chang
Mina Chang

Recently, it came to light that the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Conflict and Stability Operations, Mina Chang, falsified her resumé. After Chang applied for a job with the Trump Administration, NBC News ran an investigation on the rising politician and found that nearly every one of her listed credentialsfrom her Harvard Business School alumna title to her Time Magazine coverhad been tremendously embellished.

The politician’s claim of affiliation with Harvard Business School and Time magazine is just the kickoff to her list of deceitful declarations. She further professed to advocate for international relief through her nonprofit “Link the World,” hold a role on the United Nations panel, testify before the United States Congress, posses degrees from the United State Army War College and University of Hawaii, and receive the CBS “Women That Soar” Award. 

Reality hardly resembles Chang’s impressive claims. According to NBC News, tax returns prove that “Link the World” has provided no international relief; the declared role on the United Nations panel does not exist; Chang has never testified before Congress; she attended the University of the Nations, an unaccredited Christian school composed of volunteer teachers; and she received an award aired by a CBS affiliate. 

Since NBC News’s investigation and the debunking of her falsified resumé, Chang has resigned from the Trump Administration and has been formally prohibited by the State Department from commenting on the incident.