Baby Yoda: Star Wars’ Only Hope?


Baby Yoda

Hunter Neuman, Sports Editor

Disney+ released a mere three weeks ago, yet a new character has already captured the hearts of audiences around the world. “Baby Yoda” is the name coined for this character, and he has taken social media by storm. There are countless Tik Toks, Instagram posts, and works of art that are dedicated to the fan favorite. With all this hype surrounding him, let’s take a closer look at who this character is and why he’s become so beloved.

The name Baby Yoda is not the child’s actual identity. His name is unknown and the species which he is, has no name. Yoda is the same species, and the new character is a baby, hence the name Baby Yoda. He is fifty years old, but his species ages much differently than others, which explains his young appearance. While he is force sensitive, he is also nonverbal and displays many characteristics of a toddler. Whether it’s touching all the buttons on the Mandalorian’s ship, or eating anything he can get his hands on, Baby Yoda has been a source of comic relief for fans. 

Baby Yoda’s most obvious feature is his cuteness. Yoda was already known as being one of the smallest characters in Star Wars. This petite version of him is even tinier, and is absolutely adorable. His wide eyes, tiny hands, long ears, and funny facial expressions are what make him so appealing. Fans rave about how cute he is, and this has made him an Internet sensation. He’s been made into somewhat of a meme, but an abnormal one. Memes generally get made fun of, whereas Baby Yoda is a meme that is solely loved. There’s a song dedicated to the creature on TikTok, and it’s one of the most famous on the app. He’s even been Photoshopped into a video where he fights Darth Sidious that has over five million views. The original fight was between the real Yoda and Darth Sidious, and in this video Baby Yoda fights Sidious in his cradle.  

Many fans are loving this new addition to the Star Wars Universe. “I think Baby Yoda is the cutest character in the history of Star Wars,” said Natalie Ha (’20). “His ears are HUGE, and the noises he makes remind me of my dogs.” 

While Baby Yoda’s hype is still ongoing, it brings his origin into question. Who is this creature and where is he from? Fans have made many theories such as claiming Baby Yoda to be an actual clone of Yoda, or that he is the son of Yoda himself. “While I do not have any theories on his origins, I do have theories on why the client wants him,” said Ryan Weiss (’20). “From trailers of The Rise of Skywalker, it’s clear that the Emperor is still alive. I believe that the client is working with the Emperor to kill Baby Yoda so that no one will challenge his eventual rule.” 

Eventually, Baby Yoda will most likely have a name and hopefully an origin story. Some fans will welcome his new name with open arms, while most will continue calling him Baby Yoda. In the end, Baby Yoda will continue to capture the hearts of all, even though he is a part of a clear marketing ploy for Disney+.