YOU Season Two Recap, Part Two

YOU Season Two Recap, Part Two

Hunter Neuman, Sports Editor

The first half of YOU Season Two left Joe in a dangerous spot. Candace has reemerged as a threat and Henderson’s body has been discovered, giving Joe two major dilemmas. In the second half of season two, Joe will have to combat these conflicts in order to maintain his relationship with Love. 

Episode Six: Farewell, My Bunny

The episode opens with Henderson’s funeral. Joe, Love, Forty, and Candace are all in attendance. Back at Anavarin, Joe tries to confront Candace again but she leaves. He follows her, but she shakes him off her tail. Joe does see that a cop is tailing Candace, and leaves the scene immediately. The next day, Joe is working at Anavarin and finds where Candace is living. He goes to the Air BnB but the same cop is parked outside so he leaves once again. While Joe is at work, Candace goes to Joe’s apartment and attempts to break in, but Delilah catches her. Candace claims Joe had some of her jewelry to get into the apartment when in reality she’s trying to find evidence against Joe. She finds nothing and goes to talk to Love about Joe. She tells Love her past history with Joe, but Love doesn’t believe her. She then tells Love that his real name is Joe. Later on, Joe and Love get into an argument when Love asks him what his real name is. Love then ends their relationship for the time being. Joe and Delilah hook up but both agree that it’d be a one time thing. 

Episode Seven: Ex-istential Crisis

Joe is still bewildered by the breakup and notices a random guy at Love’s house. He goes over to check only to see Love hooking up with him and he becomes extremely jealous. He decides to try using a dating app and to post his dates on social media to get Love back. Joe finds out that the guy she’s with is named Milo. He asks Forty about Milo, and Forty reassures Joe that she still has feelings for Joe and that she’s somewhat “using” Milo for a break. Joe then stalks Milo on a morning hike but runs into Love’s friend Gabe. While he’s mad at Joe for lying about his identity, he knows Love really cares for him and he tells Joe this. Joe is still confused, and talks to Delilah. They have a good time together, actually way too much of a good time and they get arrested for indecent exposure. Delilah’s cop friend recognizes Joe from the night of Henderson’s murder, and tells Delilah that. Later on, Forty pushes Milo past his breaking point, and Joe stops Milo from attacking Forty. Love drops Milo, and it seems everything is working out for Joe. However, Delilah finds Joe’s storage room key and sees the cage he kept Will in. Joe meets her there, and now Delilah is his hostage.

Episode Eight: Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills

Delilah and Joe converse, and she begs him to let her go. Joe wants the best for Delilah and Ellie, so he handcuffs Ellie for sixteen hours leaving enough time for him to escape. He writes Love a goodbye note, and prepares to head off. He talks with Forty outside of Anavarin, but then they are kidnapped. Forty tells him he’s in crazy debt from gambling. They are dropped off at a hotel, and it turns out that Forty planned for this kidnapping to occur. He wants the kidnappers to keep them in that room until they finish writing Forty’s new movie. Ellie joins them as well. During the writing, Forty panics and leaves. Joe finds him in a bar and Forty gives him a seltzer. A seltzer that is spike with four times the normal dose of LSD. Joe and Forty return to the hotel and Joe runs into Love. As they are talking, her eyes grow abnormally large and the effects of the drug start to hit Joe hard. Joe and Forty playact until Joe strangles Forty until he has to force Joe off him. Forty loves it, and Joe passes out. He wakes up to find his hands covered in blood. He washes it off, but isn’t sure if it’s real or not. Joe talks to Love over the phone, and they plot to leave together. Joe then sees a vision of his mother and is visibly upset until she leaves. He hears forty crying and goes to see why. It turns out that Forty had an older lover when he was a teenager and that he accidentally killed her. His family had covered it all up but he’s never been the same. He finally wakes up and is sober. He leaves to set Delilah free and to prove that once and for all that he is a good person. He enters his storage room to find a dead Delilah in the box, lying over a pool of blood.

Episode Nine: P.I. Joe

Joe becomes a detective in this episode as he tries to retrace his steps from the night before. He meets with Forty to ask him about the night before. Forty remembers dropping Joe off at the storage room which makes Joe think he may have actually killed her. Candace goes to talk with Forty and she keeps telling him that Joe is a murderer. Forty does some research on Dr. Nikki, the man Joe framed for killing Beck in season one. Candace views the video Forty sent her and finds Joe’s storage container. She meets Joe there and traps him inside. Joe thinks it’s the end for him after all when Love shows up. Love is shocked by what she sees, and tries to leave until Candace follows her. When Candace tries to console her, Love turns around and kills her so she can free Joe. 

Episode Ten: Love, Actually

Joe learns Love killed Candace and tells her it’s all her fault, He believes that this isn’t the real Love until she tells him it is. She reveals that she killed Forty’s lover to protect him and made him think he did it. She tells Joe that she knew what he was after hiring the private detective and that she found his storage room. When she saw Delilah trapped in Joe’s storage room Love killed her. Joe is completely baffled by this information and Love is upset at him for how he reacted. She keeps him inside the cage and he plots his escape. In New York, Forty visits Dr. Nikki and talks to him. He shows him a picture of Joe and Dr. Nikki recognizes him. Forty now knows who Joe is and is worried for Love’s safety. Love frees Joe and he nearly kills her until she tells him that she’s pregnant with his baby. Joe feels joy and him and Love decide to give it a go at being together. Forty makes Love meet him at Anavarin and tries to protect her. In the meantime, Joe reveals who he is to Ellie and that he was the one who killed Henderson. He sends her off and he goes to meet with Love. When he enters, Forty argues with Joe and Love and eventually he pulls a gun on Joe. Love pleads with him to spare Joe but Forty is adamant on killing him until a police officer shoots Forty from outside. The episode ends with Joe and Love at their brand new home ready to have their new child (a daughter) and live a peaceful life together.