Directing a Play for One Acts

Claudia Sindoni Bonilla, Staff Writer

“OH, heck no. We’re not really friends, uh…uhh… What’s your name again?” exclaims Charles Fontaina (’20)—better known “Ray-Ray” during his part in the One Act “RideShare OverShare.” “Anyways,” Fontaina continues, “Ma said I can’t have cake if I don’t got any friends. BUT I just proved to her I do have one! So Ray-Ray is getting a cake-cake tonight!” The crowd instantly erupts into laughter. 

Although the acts presented may have effortlessly brought the Tenafly audience to laughter, Emma Sindoni (’20), director of the One Act “RideShare OverShare” (and, to be transparent, my twin sister), reveals that preparing for the two nights of performance took much more effort than one may think. 

“First came the decision of choosing an act,” she explained. “That was much more difficult than one may think, as we wanted to choose something we knew people would enjoy and that Olivia [my co-director] and I, in our limited knowledge of theater, could direct. Next came arranging rehearsal times for our large cast,” she continued. “Finding time for two and a half hours of rehearsal twice a week for an already busy cast wasn’t the easiest thing to do but we managed.” 

Sindoni claimed, however, that even throughout the busy weeks leading up to the One Acts performance, she was confident that One Acts had been the “right decision.” Her incredibly “funny and hardworking cast really made for a great time.” Sophia Tarpinian (’20), a member of Sindoni’s cast, agreed, saying she would “definitely recommend [auditioning for One Acts] to just about anyone.” 

“Directing One Acts,” Sindoni concluded, “was one of my most memorable and rewarding high school experiences.”