Keanu Reeves: History Textbook-Worthy?


Sad Keanu in a Ukrainian history textbook. Photo: Twitter

Claudia Sindoni Bonilla, Staff Writer

The Ukrainian high schoolers disinterestedly flip through their textbooks to page 189:  American Laborers of the 1900s. 

At the top of the page, they find an image entitled “Lunch atop a Skyscraper.” 

And that’s when they see him. 

Sad Keanu. 

Someone lets out a shriek. Another snorts. Is it a mistake? the students wonder. 

So one student goes ahead and does what any high school student of the twenty-first century would do:  he tweets the printing error. 

Not too long after, author of the textbook, Ihor Shchupak, responds. 

The Keanu Reeves meme, he explained, was accidentally selected by a designer for the textbook. Once the error had been brought to his attention back in 2018, however, Shchupak decided that it would be best to simply leave the meme in and go ahead with printing. He then jokingly thanked Reeves for “bringing attention” to learning. 

Ukrainian Minister of Education, Hanna Novosad, did not find the error nearly as amusing, commenting, according to LADbible, how she had “sadly… not seen a single textbook without errors.”

As high schoolers keep up with the printing fiasco, the question is no longer whether or not the printing of the “Sad Keanu” meme had been intentional but, rather, if the influential Keanu Reeves deserves his spot in history textbooks.