Death to the Ice Age Baby

(Photo By Still image of the annoyingly smug little baby.

Gavin Clingham, Staff Writer

I am a neutral person. I try to be peaceful and respectful on many different fronts. I would never try and hurt anyone, I would never try and lie, and I would never ever wish death on anything or anyone. However, there is one exception. When it comes to the Ice Age baby, that doesn’t really matter. 

This little brat came from the 2002 film Ice Age. It was the first of five Ice Age films (I am not lying, there are actually five Ice Age Movies), so people forgot about the baby for a while. But now there’s one single thing that can create popularity around an old moment from a movie or TV show, whether it’s Nicolas Cage going crazy in Vampire’s Kiss, Officer Earl running fast in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, confused Ted in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, or every bit of The Bee Movie—and that is when a moment becomes a meme. This time around, a Redditor posted an image of the little weirdo with the caption, “RT if you would beat the Ice Age baby.” It became popular and everybody realized, “You know what, I kind of want this baby to die.” So then, people began to post memes about him being kicked, shot, killed by the coronavirus, dropped, hit with a bat, punched by boxers, killed by Emperor Palpatine, put in the electric chair, and burned alive in Minecraft lava. It reached its near-peak when YouTuber PewDiePie posted a video titled, “Why I HATE the Ice Age Baby.”

Photo By Meme of Elon Musk laughing at the Ice Age baby dying.

Now, you might think that this is all unjustified, but I can tell you, it is justified. Just take a look at the baby. Look at his pathetic ugly little face. His eyes are so far apart, He looks like a child version of Lil Tay, which makes it even worse and provides more reasons to hate him. On top of that, he’s a sociopath. There is a scene in Ice Age in which the little demon won’t shut up. His animal friends then hit his patriarch sloth in the head. Because this little twerp cares not for the people who saved his life, he likes this. He laughs at his immense pain and he proceeds to cry like he’s faking it when the sloth shakes off the pain and smiles again. Then later, it’s learned that he didn’t have a full diaper, so there was no reason for him to cry in the first place. What, is he hungry? So is everybody around him, but guess what? They suck it up. And he even gets to chow down on some watermelon later on while looking at everyone with his smug little face. So yes, there is a reason to hate him.

This baby is just terrible. He is meant to earn the love of moviegoers, but he’s only earning their death wishes. He’s just the kind of person that absolutely no one likes. And if you do like or defend him, stop. You’re only lying to the world and yourself. He’s an awful baby that needs to go away.