THS Student Government Elections Go Virtual


Michelle Lee, Staff Writer

Amidst the virtual learning THS has been adjusting to these past two months, student government elections are prepared to go digital.

All THS students were sent an email from the current Student Organization on how they could be a candidate. First, they had to fill out an “Officer Intent” Google form and email their speech of 90 seconds or fewer to the specified email account no later than April 22, 2020. “The big difference between this year’s SO and Class Officer Elections and those in past years is that in lieu of students delivering speeches during an assembly in school, they are creating video speeches for the student body to watch remotely,” said Mr. Rendell, THS’s Student Activity Advisor. “The voting process will be exactly the same as it has been in the last few elections. We will continue to use Google Forms and the rank choice voting system that was stipulated in the voting bill passed by the SO in 2019.”

Like Mr. Rendell stated, many rules of running for office stay the same. No negative comments about other candidates are allowed in the speech, candidates cannot spend money (or have money spent by others) on their election campaign, no election-related handouts, physical mailings, or giveaways are permitted; a candidate cannot run for office on a ticket with another candidate; there should be no implication that candidates are running together for their respective office; and a student cannot hold class office or S.O. office, or be a Board of Education representative at the same time.

Some special rules pertaining to the video of the speech itself included that no other THS students may be mentioned in the speech or appear in the video and non-THS student names may be mentioned only if that person emails Mr. Rendell privately by the speech due date.

Here is a list of the 2020-2021 School Year Candidates:                                                                                                                                                

S.O. Candidates:


Benny Katz (‘21)

Dylan Weiss (‘22)

Michael Wong (‘21)

Grace Lee (‘22)


Jonathon Tenenbaum (‘21)

Natalia Ahmann (‘21)


Luke Han (‘22)

Gaby Beck (‘22)

Samantha Albert (‘21)

Noa Raiter (‘22)


Andrew Kim (‘22)

Jonathon Glatzer (‘21)

Chayna Kanofsky (‘21)

Ben Pomeranz (‘22)

Megan Hsu (‘21)

Junior Board of Education Representative

Dylan Gaitman (‘22)

Jessica Lee (‘22)

Max Selver (‘22)

Eitan Frankowitz (‘22)


Class of 2021:


Rebecca Parish

Vice President

Michelle Lee


Jacob Friedman


Frank Kim


Class of 2022:


Charles Fleischer

Lucy Harper

Vice President

Misora Ito

Xinyi Feng

Jonathon Neuman


Matthew Ngai

Erin Hong

Sujin Park


Kenny Uchida

Bianca Thompson


Class of 2023:


Jacqueline Kim

Suchir Joshi

Zachary Kulisek

Vice President

Daria Levy

Laura Ziessler

Sanika Shanbhag

Noah Parker


Norina Khanza

Jonathon Levy

Jessica Huang

Esteban Velasco

Ethan Chia


Sean Kim

Gavin Clingham

Elijah Brooks

Andrew Zhang

Skylar Salk


Important Dates:

4/24: Posting of speech videos                      

4/27: Voting Opens

4/30: Voting Closes @10:00pm

Videos of each candidate’s speech will be posted on each grade’s respective Google Classroom pages and class Facebook pages on April 24, 2020.

If you have any questions regarding this unique election process, please email Mr. Rendell ([email protected]) or any of the current SO Officers (Pres: Aaron Gordon, VP: Ryan Weiss, Treas: Emma Ziessler, Sec: Emma Kim, Sr. Bd of Ed Rep: Derek Kim, Jr. Bd of Ed Rep: Kira Baltaytis).