Meet the Creator of Kosei’s Space


Dohi assisting in the construction of the Foucault pendulum previously on display in the school’s library.

Nathan Kong, Staff Writer

Meet the creator of the Echo’s astronomy blog Kosei’s Space, THS junior Kosei Dohi. Dohi’s been interested in astronomy since the 7th grade and journalism ever since the start of his high school career. Dohi says he became interested in astronomy when he first read a book by Neil Degrasse Tyson in the 7th grade. His interest in journalism started in a more unexpected way during his freshman year. His friends, myself being one of them, know him as a shy, goofy kid who’s very passionate about his interests. His initial motivation for starting Kosei’s space was Mr. Whitehead, English and Journalism teacher, as well as adviser for the school’s newspaper, the Echo. Dohi is also the president of the high school’s astronomy club, advised by Mrs. Coyle.

Whenever you think about subjects such as astronomy or journalism, you don’t often think of them as topics that mix. Well, Dohi has accomplished just that on Kosei’s Space and combined two of his greatest interests on a platform that he can share with the whole school. Journalism was never initially an interest of Dohi’s until his freshman year of high school. Not really having anything particularly in mind to fulfill his 21st century requirement, Dohi was recommended to take journalism by his guidance counselor. Dohi says, “I went in thinking it would be just another class where we wrote stories; however, I was completely wrong. I ended up really enjoying the class. I barely read the news back then, and to be honest, I didn’t even read scientific articles as well.” Journalism ended up connecting Dohi with the constantly growing knowledge in the world. Dohi says, “It was all thanks to Mr. Whitehead. He really allowed me to explore and write various stories that interested me.” When asked about his interests in astronomy, Dohi took up an almost philosophical stance. “Astronomy provides a new perspective on life. It helps humble ourselves, knowing that despite all the success and failures we go through, we are all tiny in comparison to the vast universe.”

Despite his fervent passion, Dohi is still not sure what he’s going to do as a full-fledged adult. “A few years ago, I felt like I knew what my life plan was. But I guess that’s just a part of being young.” And it really is. Interests shift, minds wander, and sometimes things just change. What is for sure, though, is Dohi knowing that he currently wants to pursue some kind of science—any kind of science—and apply it to help people. Whether that be in something more direct, such as creating algorithms to help people in combating the coronavirus, or something as indirect as particle physics, where the immediate effects of such research might not be fully realized.

But don’t take science as the catch-all descriptor for Dohi; while he could talk your ear off all day about science, some of Dohi’s favorite interests are of the worldly kind as well! He enjoys cooking, going on walks, (probably to the beach), and hanging out with friends when he’s free. Traveling the world has also been an interest of Dohi’s, because, let’s face it, how can one pursue astronomy without knowing his own planet first? Sound like perfect boyfriend material?

Hunter Neuman
Dohi and me at CNN’s ‘New Day’ Studio.

I’d like to add that he’s single as well.