Dangers of Breaking Quarantine Too Soon


Jacqueline Kim, Staff Writer

Yes, parks are reopening to the public, death rates are finally falling, and it seems as though life is finally beginning to return back to normal. However, quarantine and social distancing regulations have definitely not been lifted, nor have they been modified to be any less severe than they were only a couple of weeks ago. Although statistically, infection rates have declined and more patients are recovering, this virus is just as dangerous, and potentially, more dangerous now than ever.

While under the impression that the situation has been improving, many have become overly complacent with the idea that the COVID-19 virus is no longer as great of a threat as it once was. But it is under these types of ideas that we as a whole become more and more susceptible to facing another wave of infections, as residents begin venturing outside and overlooking health precautions. As people begin revisiting the recently opened communal outlets and hanging out with friends, they continue to expose themselves to others, risking the chances of either spreading or contracting the virus. 

While some may think that exposure to others couldn’t possibly affect the greater community, going out and breaking social distancing arrangements does in fact have an impact. As going out soon becomes more and more of a norm, we begin to dismiss the severity of our situation and become increasingly careless with our preventative measures and behaviors. And then, before we know it, everyone’s outside. And following that… who knows? Another influx of cases and a new round of deaths and grief. 

Even the few sparse groups around town can come into contact, further spreading the virus. What begins with just you and a couple of friends might soon involve a much greater mass as each of those few friends and interactions disperse and merge with their own separate “small group gatherings” and households. And suddenly the virus is at work once more, undermining our town and state through loopholes and unseen runways. Especially as symptoms may not appear for a full two weeks, you or any of your friends could have contracted the virus and continued to spread it throughout these interactions without the slightest clue. Even if you may FEEL fine, how would you really know?

Social distancing requires a collaborative community effort, and immediately becomes ineffective if not carried out by every member. There are no special exceptions to this rule, and you certainly aren’t one of them. Although you may think that going out with a few friends from time to time, or even on a single occasion, will pass with no consequences, there is no guarantee.

It is all incredibly selfish and ignorant. Especially when others are unable to see the dangers that entail their careless actions. Everyone’s doing their part. The authorities, our healthcare workers, your fellow peers. And we’ve got the easiest jobs. Stay at home. Use protective gear and follow the necessary precautions when going out, for whatever reason that may be. Before you dismiss that hang out last week, or the small gathering later today as “insignificant” and “perfectly safe,” reconsider your plans and past actions, or at LEAST, contemplate the idea of revising past oversights by bringing masks and staying the advised distance apart.

We’ve already dealt with months of quarantine and social distancing, and it will surely not take much longer to endure the rest of this pandemic. Going out now only continues to increase the risks of another outbreak, prolonging this time of quarantine. Is it really worth it to see your friends a few months earlier? Is it worth the potential chance of a pursuing wave of infections and deaths? 

Stay inside and keep others safe. You are not invincible because you’re young and healthy, and if this mentality isn’t enough to keep you at home, at least stay safe for the sake of your family and the community as a greater whole. We’ve already come this far, adapting to this new situation in whatever means possible, and thousands having already endured their own great losses. In order for us to safely meet with others again, and have the summer everyone’s been anticipating, we need to stay inside, and see this community effort out to the very end, where every person counts.