Now That Everyone Knows Who Grimes Is, Here’s a Starter Playlist


Nicole Shaker, Co-Editor-in-Chief

We’ve all seen the headlines; Elon Musk and his girlfriend of one year, Grimes, have just had a son and named him… X Æ A-12. Apparently it’s pronounced “Kyle,” but I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to talk about Grimes, who has just appeared on the radar of many Elon Musk followers and tabloid consumers for giving her son such a ridiculous name and simply being associated with the controversial billionaire Musk. 

Many of you probably don’t know she’s actually a music genius within the ethereal electropop genre, so I’m going to give you a starter playlist to turn you on to her music. She should be known for more than just the famous figures in her life. As a disclaimer, I’ll only be listing songs from her most recent two albums (die-hard Grimes fans would probably scoff at me) because I personally listen to them the most and they’re the most beginner-friendly. 

1. “We Appreciate Power”

This song is pretty different from most of her other music, even her recent stuff. You can hear the signature dark, ethereal Grimes in the verses, but the chorus is quite poppy and catchy. It’s a great place to start to ease into the genre; I think it can cater to most audiences.

2. “Kill v. Maim”

This is the first song I heard by Grimes, and it got me obsessed quickly. It’s a fast-paced electronic dance banger that has one of best Grimes choruses to date. The verses are just as good, sung with a sickly-sweet tone and perfectly-placed screams.

3. “Realiti” 

I love this song because, unlike a lot of other recent Grimes songs, it’s catchy in a way that doesn’t necessarily warrant your full attention. It’s not a big song, but rather, a nice deep cut that’s perfect to chill or study to. 

4. “Life in the Vivid Dream”

If you think you knew Grimes from the last three songs, think again. This one’s an acoustic heart-breaker that really showcases Grimes’s raw, unique voice which echoes with a soft, otherworldly quality. It’s short, but shows a quiet, minimalistic side of Grimes which we don’t see as often. 

5. “Delete Forever”

This feels like the previous song’s much more experienced older sister. “Delete Forever” is totally beautiful, also showing us a sad, quiet Grimes who doesn’t get lost behind massive production and special effects. It’s not necessarily representative of all of her music or the genre, but it’s insanely good for what it is.

6. “So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth”

This one is completely breath-taking, and very Grimes-y. The lyrics are barely discernible through the high, haunting vocals she almost moans and they are backed by a weird, captivating electro beat. It is quite repetitive, but it’s also one of those songs you can loop for a really, really long time and never get bored of. After a while, you can’t even tell where it starts and ends. 

7. “New Gods”

It’s so easy to get lost in this song. It’s gorgeous and incredibly interesting, complete with thought-provoking lyrics and a unique, alien-like vibe. Again, I’m showing the slower, more raw side of Grimes. I think that’s where her best artistry lies, and it’ll be sure to turn you on to her sound and ease you into her even weirder tracks.  

8. “My Name Is Dark”

This is my favorite Grimes cut ever. It’s so, so enchanting. Here we get the full loud, dark, ethereal Grimes that her fans have to come to love. Listening to this song in the dark through headphones will give you literal chills, I promise. I can’t even describe the sounds she makes. 

9. “Flesh without Blood”

This has a happier sound, but it’s definitely not all sunshine. It has an edge, but it’s still a head bopper. It has a similar sound to “Kill V. Main” and “Realiti,” so if you like all three, make sure to check out her album Art Angels, which I’d say is her lightest, poppiest effort. 

10. “Belly of the Beat”

This is also off of Art Angels, and I think it’s one of the best from that project. It does a good job in combining the fast-singing, bright Grimes with the harder, dark and alienish Grimes. It’s semi-acoustic as well, so really anyone could find something to love.

Grimes isn’t your everyday artist, not by a long shot. But she’s an authentic artist who grows, evolves and puts her eccentric essence into each and every one of her tracks. If you’re looking for more after listening to the above ten, I recommend “IDORU,” “Violence,” and “You’ll miss me when I’m not around.” But that’s not even scratching the surface. Once you get used to her, take a deeper dive into her discography, and you might be surprised by what you like.