Essential Services Only. Including Ice Cream Trucks?


Daria Levy, Staff Writer

If you’ve lived in Tenafly, chances are you’ve spent a summer day in “the city.” Whether it be for a special occasion or pure boredom, you are probably able to recognize the song of ice cream trucks echoing from almost every block. It is almost difficult to imagine a summer in New York City without the excessive number of ice cream trucks. But as the warm weather approaches without these guilty pleasures, will New York ever be the same? Godfrey Robinson decided that it wouldn’t, and could not allow this to happen. 

The New York City resident has been driving his ice cream truck around the same route for 26 years. Business has gone down during these unprecedented times, but he continues to drive his truck through the city to provide a sense of normalcy to the public. 

“You remember when you was a kid, right? You heard that bell, that bell was like almost going to Disney World,” Robinson told The New York Times. “Because now you get to come outside and you get to get your ice cream you’ve always wanted.” Robinson describes providing a service like no other, making ice cream delivery a more personal experience than any other store would. However, is this one-of-a-kind experience worth risking public safety?

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Two young girls enjoy a vanilla cone from the FunTime Frostee, Robinson’s ice cream truck. Photo capture: The New York Times.

“I have an obligation. I have to take my trucks to the street,” the ice cream truck driver explained. “Why? Because I believe the ice cream trucks are essential service…well, I mean, my customers actually wait for me.” This, however, does not follow guidelines released by the state. 

In late March New York Governor, Andrew M. Cuomo, released a twelve-category list of “essential services.” Nowhere does it include the service of an ice cream truck. So, the decision is up to the residents. Are they willing to risk their health for public relief?