THS Students Earn Regional Keys in the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards


Michelle Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On January 28, the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards regional winners were recognized all across the globe. Across the 29 categories of writing and arts, 29 students received awards for their work. All pieces received by the judging committee were reviewed for personal voice, writing skills, and originality. Those works which are recognized for their particular level of skill are awarded either a Gold Key (given to the best works of the region), Silver Key (given to stand-out works of the region), and Honorable Mention (given to works with great potential).

Third-time regional winner Gia Shin (‘23) was very excited that her piece, especially filled with raw emotions, was awarded. “This year, I wanted to focus on my identity-specifically, my childhood and growing up Asian American,” Shin said. “My piece, “mulberry trees” is a memoir about my grandfather whom I used to be ashamed of because he was born with a facial disability. I’m very proud of how the piece turned out.”

Jacqueline Yan (‘24) said of her award: “I’m extremely grateful that my artwork was chosen to be an Honorable Mention in this year’s Scholastic contest as well as thankful for all the support I’ve received. I look forward to participating next year to earn perhaps a silver or gold key.”

The Montclair Art Museum, hosts of the North New Jersey Art Region, will be hosting an online exhibition for award-winning works at An online ceremony for the regional writing winners is anticipated as well. Gold Key winners now await March 17, when the results of the national round of winners will be announced. 

Below is the full list of Tenafly’s 2021 Scholastic Arts and Writing regional winners:


Dina Shlufman (’23)

Gold Key: Personal Essay & Memoir – “What Israel Means to Me”

Silver Key: Journalism – “Márquez and Magical Realism: Why You Need to Read One Hundred Years of Solitude”

Michelle Lee (’21)

Gold Key: Flash Fiction – “Congratulations”

Honorable Mention: Writing Portfolio – “Pull The Plug”

Gia Shin (’23)

Gold Key: Personal Essay & Memoir – “mulberry trees”

Honorable Mention: Journalism – “Asian Representation in Media Matters”

Seungkyu Yoon (’23)

Silver Key: Critical Essay – “2270: Welcome to the United States of Oceania”

Kayla Cheng (’24)

Silver Key: Silver Key – “Save Me”

Junyoung (Edward) Kim (’24)

Silver Key: Poetry – “Daddy Star”

Chaeyoung Lee (’22)

Silver Key: Poetry – “tip my hat”

Honorable Mention: Personal Essay & Memoir – “The Best Worst Thing”

Rebecca Beaver (’22)

Honorable Mention: Journalism – “For the Worn and Weary, Winter is Coming”

Honorable Mention: Poetry – “For 8:36”

Hannah Park  (’22)

Honorable Mention: Personal Essay & Memoir –  “Cats, Nostalgia, and Some Life”

Karis Cho (’23)

Honorable Mention: Short Story – “Tootsie Rolls”

Claire Kim (’23)

Honorable Mention: Poetry – “Skeletal Lover”

Junhyeok Park (’23)

Honorable Mention: Critical Essay – “The Terrors of the Distorted Internet and its Effects on the Everchanging Human Race”

Subin Pyo (’24)

Honorable Mention: Personal Essay & Memoir – “Like a Black Dot”


Gieun Chae (’21)

Gold Key: “True Friendship”

Gold Key: “Sensations of Sufferings”

Gold Key: “As a Mother Comforts Her Child”

Gold Key: “Lively Concoction

Silver Key: “Insatiable Greed”

Silver Key: “Staring into Vacuous Dreams”

Honorable Mention: Photography – “Untouchable Light”

Jejoon Park (‘21)

Gold Key: “Am I on the right track?”

Gold Key: “Capriole”

Gold Key: “Complacent”

Silver Key: “Camino de Santiago”

Silver Key: “Obvious but not obvious”

Silver Key: “Light”

Honorable Mention: “Metamorphosis”

Honorable Mention: “Mental growth”

Honorable Mention: “Northern Pintail”

Stephanie Song (‘21)

Gold Key: “Figure Study”

Gold Key: “Adaptation”

Silver Key: “Get Drunk”

Honorable Mention: “Intersection”

Honorable Mention: “Yellow Staircase”

Honorable Mention: “Stuck Ball”

Woojeong Cho (’22)

Gold Key: “Forgotten” 

Gold Key: “Set Free”

Dillion Corsair (’22)

Gold Key: “Scavenger”

Silver Key: “Luna”

Honorable Mention: “Through Unity”

Angela Chang (’22)

Gold Key: “Vacant”

Honorable Mention: “My Old Man”

Honorable Mention: “Singularity”

Max Selver (‘22)

Gold Key: “Eye of the Sandstorm”

Honorable Mention: “Dense Beach on a Rainy Day”

Mandy Zhang (‘22)

Silver Key: “Hidden Treasure”

Silver Key: “Errant Tweets (Covid-19)”

Honorable Mention: “Dried Fruit”

Dina Kalim (‘22)

Silver Key: “A Broken Reflection”

Honorable Mention: “Sorceress”

Honorable Mention: “Envy”

Isabelle Yan (‘22)

Silver Key: “Fish Eye Lens”

Honorable Mention: “I Can Hear You Now”

Honorable Mention: “The Life of the Party”

Amy He (‘24)

Silver Key: “Into the Unknown Story”

Honorable Mention: “Fragments of My Mind”

Gabrielle Beck (‘22)

Silver Key: “Haze of Quarantine”

Daniel Cho (’24)

Honorable Mention: “Hide and Seek”

Honorable Mention: “Disconnected”

Madeline Shaw (‘22)

Honorable Mention: “Sunflowers”

Jacqueline Yan (‘24)

Honorable Mention: “Views of Asia”

Chloe Lee (‘24)

Honorable Mention: The Irreversible Reality of Time”