A Senior Tradition Transformed


Bina Lee, Staff Writer

There is something to look forward to for the graduating seniors every year. Senior car decorating with bright neon doodles, senior night for sport teams, senior portraits. There’s nerve-wracking college decisions, prom night, graduation. But there is one glittery, sparkly event, one of the most anticipated ones and unique to Tenafly High School. This much-hyped tradition, which takes place annually at the Collins & Tall Auditorium, is the THS Tux Show. 

In this tradition for seniors to walk down a decorated runaway on stage (set up by the Tech Crew) with their friends, doing so looking their best and donning cocktail attire. Biltmore Tuxedos in Ridgewood, a yearly sponsor of the event, provides customized tuxedos for students to wear for the show. There are hosts who, on top of just hosting the show, come up with the infamous roasts that Tux is known for and meet with the show’s planners. They are one of the key components that make Tux, Tux. When asked about how he felt about being one of this year’s hosts, Jonathan Glatzer (’21), remarked, “It makes me feel good that I’m able to make jokes about my friends and peers in a friendly manner.” 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Class of 2021 was initially worried about what would happen to its cherished event or if there even would be one. But the show was announced to still be on and scheduled for April 24th. The work to make Tux happen hasn’t been without difficulties, though. “The pandemic has caused us to change the show this year due to COVID-19 safety concerns,” said Mr. Angus, who’s been a class advisor for four years. “This event is usually a winter [one], but with all the unknowns, we moved [it] to spring to give us the best chance to have a successful event,” He ran the logistics behind the show, but the main responsibilities lay with the students, especially the officers, emcees, and scriptwriters. “We haven’t been able to meet in person so the planning and form-gathering has been slower, and so the planning has been slower,” said Frank Kim (’21), who’s been a class officer since junior year. 

Though it was a student-only event, meaning there wasn’t the usual live audience of parents, friends, or relatives to interact with the much prepared roasts, the show was indoors and the participants were very excited to attend and cheer each other on in the seats. “I’m really looking forward to just being able to have the show. It was really hard having many events canceled for our senior year and I’m happy to see it go on,” Glatzer said. 

Because there weren’t any guests, the fundraising to support the senior class for their events, such as prom, depended on donations in lieu of ticket sales and the bake sale that would typically take place during intermission. Click here to give donations now and help the 2021 class reach its goal of $6,000. The opportunity to donate will end on Sunday, May 2nd. “If you want to see people all dressed up and want to have a good laugh, then the Tux Show will be a good watch,” Kim noted. 

The footage of the show is released for everyone to view on Friday, April 30th.