The Underrated Underrated Shows on Netflix

Bina Lee, Staff Writer

Every time I ask people about the underrated TV shows they like and listen to them give their Netflix recommendations, I almost never find them listing the ones I’ve watched and enjoyed. I’m almost surprised. They’re adequately promoted and suggested in people’s homes. So, to remedy those doleful situations when you’re needlessly looking for something to watch the next time you’re on the streaming service….


1. Blood & Water
It’s a show you can easily miss when you’re on the app, but I am telling you it is more intriguing than it looks. If you’re iffy about watching foreign/international shows because of different languages, then you don’t have to worry too much about Blood & Water because the characters mostly speak English in this South African show. A teen in Cape Town named Puleng tries to find the truth about her sister, who was kidnapped by traffickers right after birth, but finds secrets of her friends and family in the process. With only 6 episodes, it was a quick and entertaining binge for me and, rest assured, a second season is coming.



2. Warrior Nun
I will admit, I first started this show as a joke. I mean, with the title, I thought, ‘Why not? This should be interesting enough,’ but I didn’t actually expect the show to go the way it did. I delved in blindly, not reading what it was even about, but Netflix describes it as, “After waking up in a morgue, an orphaned teen discovers she now possesses superpowers as the chosen Halo-Bearer for a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns,” and the show actually is exactly that. It all sounds campy, I know, but I didn’t think watching nuns in combat was what I was missing. The show also takes place all throughout Europe, mostly Spain, and with a cast of all different nationalities, it did not feel like an American show at all. In fact, I was confused as to which country it was based on while I was watching it because everyone seemed to be non-American in Europe and yet speaking English. There are 10 episodes in total for the first season and it’s been renewed for a second season.


3. The Bonfire of Destiny  
A French miniseries centering around three women shaped by the aftermath of a tragic fire at the Charity Bazaar in 1897, this will be suitable for anyone who loves historical fiction or just wants to be transported to another place in another time. Because the show revolves around more than one person, you’re bound to stay to watch for at least one of them but their stories are all intertwined. But I will just warn you about the first episode; it made me realize the full implications of “tragic fire.”




4. Godless

This was a miniseries released back in 2017, and maybe it’s because the craze has died down since then, but I haven’t heard enough people talk about it. Before directing the now all-time popular Queen’s Gambit, Scott Frank wrote and directed this show. Thomas Brodie-Sangster also stars in both of these miniseries.  In 1884, an ex member of an outlaw gang finds refuge in a town consisting of just women as his former boss and gang terrorize the West, hunting him down. Even if you’ve never been interested in the Western genre, this will surely get you hooked into it.




5. Carmen Sandiego
Yes, it’s an animated show, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing it just because you think it’s meant for kids. Based around the late 80’s-90’s game, Carmen Sandiego has so much to offer. Each episode provides information about a country, culture, art piece, etc., as Carmen and her acolytes travel around the world. The characters are also very diverse and have various accents ranging from French to Bostonian to Australian. If you’re a sucker for some really top-notch villains, you will also love V.I.L.E.




Now whenever you’re available to binge some new shows, you’ll actually have enough time to finish them instead of losing them to look for something to watch. Or if someone asks you for a recommendation, you can confidently tell them about shows they’ve most likely never heard of and seen. Even if you don’t get to watch all of these on the list, I really hope you find at least one of them to your liking with the variety of genres offered here.