With Pink Socks, JV Girls Soccer Team Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness


Photo: Coach Katz

Girls soccer team in pink socks

Charley Levine, Staff Writer

As the Tenafly Tigers jog out onto the soccer field, neon pink socks pulled high, they do so with a message, a purpose. Pink socks spread out across the field, capturing the attention of the distant crowd. Support and enthusiasm radiate from the stands as the team of determined young women takes its place on the field. Together, the team stands strong, remembering the millions of breast cancer survivors and those who lost their lives fighting. The whistle blows and eyes in the stands immediately catch sight of the pink socks in motion. Pink blurs zig zag in and out of the field, twisting and turning with each touch of the ball.

Through the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Tenafly JV Girls Soccer Team unifies in pink socks to promote breast cancer awareness. The neon pink soccer socks symbolize the courage and strength embodied in breast cancer patients, and in wearing this color, the team illuminates this fight. Game by game, the team strives to send a message—to the fans, referees, coaches, and opposing teams. As each player walks onto the field, she takes a moment to acknowledge the struggles and brutal battles that breast cancer patients have endured. For the girls soccer team, this act is one of incredible magnitude, especially to those with personal connections to fighters of the disease.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, otherwise known as “Pinktober,” is an annual, international campaign founded by the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. Through October, the pink overload of balloons, flowers, and ribbons promotes a hopeful, brighter future in breast cancer research. For breast cancer survivors, these symbols evoke memories of the brutal journey they overcame, reminding them of the strength and love they fought with to survive. “With every ribbon, every balloon, every slogan, I remind myself how lucky I am to be here still fighting,” breast cancer survivor Jennifer Pellichio-Lukowiak said. 

While the month is one brimming with positivity, it is one that also disseminates very serious and crucial information. According to The World Health Organization, there were 2.3 million breast cancer cases universally in 2020. Overwhelming statistics continue to amass surrounding the number of women battling breast cancer in our world today, making it more significant than ever to support the Tenafly JV Soccer team and celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It is through communal efforts, as seen in the Tenafly Girls JV Soccer Team, that the world becomes more informed and the future more optimistic. JV soccer player Jordan Yanowitz is filled with great hope as she sees her inspired and determined teammates fighting hard to make a difference. “Every time I step on the field, I am overwhelmed with a sense of pride not only in myself, but in my teammates as we stand strong together to promote a cause greater than ourselves,” Yanowitz said.

This remarkable and inspiring act portrays an even greater message. This team commitment to such a significant cause gives Yanowitz hope for a brighter future in not only breast cancer research, but other major problems of today. “The fact that we have all unified in pink socks and all chipped in with our own money to do this just shows the inspiration and motivation for making a change in our generation,” Yanowitz said. It is small acts like these that provide hope to humanity that younger generations will continue to fight until a more hopeful outlook is reached in all aspects of life.