THS Music Club: Starting on the Right Note


Jacqueline Kim, Managing Editor

Early this school year, juniors Jamie Liu and Madison Lee created the THS Music Tutoring Club. The club’s focus is to offer Tenafly High School students the opportunity to tutor younger students with their own knowledge in music, in exchange for community service hours and memorable experiences. Younger Tenafly students are then provided with free tutoring lessons.

The setting of the club is not unlike that of the preexisting THS Tutoring Club, which Liu, the club co-founder and co-president, used as the new club’s structure model. “I was in our THS Tutoring Club for academics, and I noticed that there was a kid who wanted tutoring in flute, and so I tutored them,” said Liu, who is also the THS Tutor Club secretary. “I realized that it was really inconvenient, because in the library, you can’t really practice any instruments while other people are trying to study. So I came up with the idea that maybe we should just have a separate club for students who are interested in learning music.”

Since its creation, the club has organized itself under its club office: Co-Presidents/Founders Jamie Liu and Madison Lee, Vice President John Yoon, and Secretaries/PR Representatives Collin Kim and Ethan Chia. The club has amassed a number of high school volunteer tutors from the marching band, the band, and the orchestra, in addition to a handful of eager tutees from the community. In fact, the number of interested younger students has so surpassed that of the available tutors that interest forms for parents have been closed as of now.

Co-President Liu hopes that the addition of the THS Music Club will continue to benefit and enhance the well-roundedness of all students. “We need both a balance of tutoring academics and tutoring in other extracurriculars,” Liu said. “And [our club] just so happens to be [tutoring] music.” The Music Tutoring Club offers an outlet for young musicians and tutors to engage in their passions in a way that offers mutually beneficial opportunities for both participants. “I think it’s a great opportunity for the tutors to learn how to teach, but also for the students to learn from experienced teachers and grow in their skills,” Lee said. Lessons can then be carried out in an environment that is both focused and friendly. 

The club officers share a common sentiment of enthusiasm regarding the future direction of the club. “I wanted to share music and instruments with the younger generation and help maintain a passion for music in Tenafly, especially inside of the schools,” said Vice President John Yoon. “I am excited to be able to use the gifts of my fellow students to further this goal.”

Tutors are also excited to be able to use this opportunity to challenge themselves and their skills to teach others. Viola tutor Angelina Lee shares her enthusiasm regarding the club’s initiation: “I play and teach the viola. The viola population is very limited, so I’m glad to be making a contribution to spread what I love doing most.” The THS Music Club can continue to work as an inspiration to younger students to continue to harness their passion for music, especially among the less popular instruments.

If interested in participating as either a tutor or tutee, you can find more information about the THS Music Tutor club through its Instagram page ( or by contacting Co-President Jamie Liu ([email protected]). Tutors can begin by filling out the THS Student Interest Form found in the Instagram bio.