What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Says About You


Liam Tenenbaum, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving. The holiday of family and friends, and most importantly for students, a blissful four and a half days off from school that will provide them with the encouragement to reach winter holiday break.  Perhaps the most important part of Thanksgiving is the food, which is not really bad, not really good, and only really consumed at this time of year. With a table full of various dishes and tastes, there is a lot to say about your favorite Thanksgiving food, and I’m here to unpack that.

The Turkey

Really? The turkey? Besides being the main and most iconic food component of all Thanksgiving celebrations, turkey is about the most mediocre meat out there. Personally, I think that half of the Thanksgiving celebration actually celebrates the fact that we only have to eat turkey once a year. Turkey is also known for making you sleepy, and if you are a turkey supporter, you are a total snoozefest in my eyes.

The Cranberry Sauce

O.K. Now, we’re getting somewhere. Objectively, cranberry sauce is criminally underrated and a staple for a good Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you like it fresh or just straight from the Ocean Spray can, a good cranberry sauce is a real game winner. If your favorite dish is the cranberry sauce, you are kind and good at conversation.

The Mashed Potatoes

Why are mashed potatoes so much better on Thanksgiving day? They immediately go from a good side dish to one of the best main courses. Paired nicely with the other dishes, the mashed potatoes are a fan favorite and part of the reason why people leave the table so stuffed. If your favorite dish is the mashed potatoes, then you are funny and have a happy-go-lucky personality.

The Stuffing

The stuffing is a great way to leave the Thanksgiving dinner with a couple more pounds than you had before. With a big variety of stuffings across Thanksgiving traditions and dinners, it’s hard to put it all into one category. However, it is stuffing after all, so it’s probably good. If your favorite dish is the stuffing, you are lively and outgoing.

The Gravy

Gravy is about the most controversial thing on the Thanksgiving table. Some love it, some despite it––it’s a wild card. Not a huge fan of gravy myself, I find it hard to believe that anyone would have gravy as their favorite Thanksgiving food. However, it is pretty fun to pour it using the special ceramic. If your favorite food is the gravy, you are mysterious, and perhaps a little crazy.

The Mac and Cheese

Oh yeah. Mac and cheese is the jack of all trades when it comes to dining; lunch, dinner, barbecue, Thanksgiving, you cannot go wrong with good mac and cheese. Bonus points if you cook it to give it that crunchy layer at the top. Perfection. If your favorite Thanksgiving food is the mac and cheese, you are clever and creative, and a new friend of mine.

The Corn

Don’t get me wrong, corn is delicious, but having it as your favorite food with all the other steaming plates around you? No, I think not. Although as a New Jerseyan (along with most of the people reading this), we have to pay a little respect to the prized crop of the “Garden State.” Sweet corn is good, but not enough to be a favorite, full stop. If your favorite food is corn, you are a little bland, but sweet.

The Green Bean Casserole

Green beans? Good. Green bean casserole? No. Blech. Green bean casserole is loathed amongst the youth and wrongfully craved by some of the elderly. Its position on the coveted Thanksgiving table needs to be withdrawn and swapped with a superior vegetable dish. If your favorite food is the green bean casserole, you are serious and cold, as well as possibly in need of some new taste buds.

The Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin has to be the most seasonal flavor for autumn, and has a great pairing with the Thanksgiving vibe. Latte, pie, soup, whatever it may be, pumpkin gives any meal a punch of autumn feeling. Pumpkin pie itself is good, but it’s boosted by its perfect seasonal timing. When are you ever going to have pumpkin pie except for Thanksgiving? Probably never. I also think it’s important to mention that pie is one of the worst desserts––it’s as if it couldn’t decide between being a cake or a tart. O.K., enough with the shade, if your favorite food is the pumpkin pie, you are festive and opinionated.

The Apple Cider

Ending with a bang, apple cider is amazing, and like pumpkin pie, perfect for the fall season. Whether your cider is cold, warm, or thrown in a mug with a cinnamon stick for the aesthetic, it’s a component of my Thanksgiving meal that I look forward to very much. If your favorite is apple cider, you are warm (personality-wise, not fever) and generous to the people around you.

No matter which of the foods is your favorite, Thanksgiving is mostly about family, friends, and giving thanks for what we have (but maybe not green bean casserole). As for giving thanks, I’ll start: thank you for reading!