What the Clothing You Wear to School Says about You


Gia Shin and Shira Oelsner

Whether you spend thirty minutes contemplating what to wear each morning, or you’re the complete opposite and throw on what you first see, your outfit speaks more about your character than what meets the eye. 

Here are some of our personal favorites:

Expired VSCO Girl

She’s still stuck in 2018 with her 64 oz. Hydro Flask water bottle, oversized graphic T-shirt, leggings, scrunchies, and 3-year-old (not-so) white Air Forces. She probably thinks she has style because no one else is wearing what she is. No girl, you’re still basic. She probably doesn’t even use VSCO as much as she does TikTok or Instagram. She just hasn’t come to terms with the fact that the rest of the world has moved on from this forgettable phase.

Possibly Burnt-Out Student

Next, we have the normal people. The folks who actually spend some time in front of the mirror to make sure their outfit is color-coordinated. Maybe they even plan out their fits the night before. Usually, the people who look most put-together are the ones who are actually falling apart inside. You should check in on them once in a while.

Sleeping Beauty

The classic combo: sweatshirt, flannel pajama pants, and Ugg slippers. Or maybe she’s wearing a matching baby pink sweatsuit paired with Crocs and socks. Either way, she throws her hair in a claw clip as she shuffles into the school building at 8:10 a.m. You’ll probably spot her carrying an iced coffee from Dunkin’, and if she’s lucky, she’ll have one in each hand.


Here comes the academic: the one you KNOW is passing her AP classes with flying colors. She layers a sweater vest over a collared shirt and looks like she’s strutting about into her next business meeting. She probably has a secret Harry Potter obsession and listens to fireplace crackling ambiance on YouTube while studying (15 hour version). She IS the definition of dark academia.

Hypothermic King

Ah. We all know this one. How could you not? We get goosebumps just looking at him. The one and only shorts in the winter kid. We’ve gone to school for 12 years and still—to this day—don’t fathom his rationale. It could be negative two degrees out, with twelve inches of snow on the ground, and he would STILL be wearing his Nike Elite shorts. Invest in a pair of sweatpants, please! 

Highlighter Athlete

We cannot forget the highlighter, solely because you’re probably blinded by their daily fit. Whether it’s orange, pink, or yellow, he is almost always wearing a Nike (or Under Armour) dri-fit tee his mom bought him at the mall three years ago. And whenever you approach him about it, his response is the basic “at least it’s brighter than your future.” 


Last, but not least. A showstopper. The one and only hypebeast. He walks the hall like it’s a runway, avoiding any crowd of people so his Cloud White—not to mention, reflective—Yeezy’s don’t get stepped on. And he’s really not hard to miss. With an extra large BRIGHT red Supreme backpack, you’d almost think he’s just one of the boys. But no, don’t worry. His vintage Anti Social Social Club hoodie is hidden right under it. And be careful when you’re walking on Madison Avenue, so you don’t run into him waiting on the hour-long Bape line.