In Need of Caffeine? Here’s Where THS Students Get Their Fix


Credit: Pixabay

Sonal Sharma and Hanna Brick

Coffee is Tenafly’s most coveted beverage for students and staff alike. Long night of studying? Coffee. Feeling blue? Coffee. Chilly morning? Coffee. You can never go wrong with an ol’ cup of joe. The true versatility of coffee lies in how unique it is. No one cup of coffee is ever the same. Some cups of coffee are sweetened with an ungodly amount of sugar, while others are perfected down to the last drop of creamer. Some coffees are just left untouched, darkly roasted and woody. But Tenafly students are far too busy to brew their own coffee. Walking down the hallways, you’ll see coffee cups galore—each one from different coffee shops from around Bergen County. So, we asked our fellow Tenaflickians what their favorite coffee shops are. The results were somewhat questionable *cough* Dunkin’ *cough* and surprising. 

The coffee shop that had the highest number of votes was Starbucks. We’re so glad it wasn’t Dunkin’. We would’ve been deeply disappointed. Although we still have not mastered the difference between a Venti and a Tall, Starbucks does have some fantastic options to get caffeinated. And, their ordering-ahead option is perfect for us bumbling students. 

The runner up is Dunkin’. As Tenafly students, we truly lucked out with a Dunkin’ drive-through only a three-minute drive away from campus or a ten-minute walk for the underclassmen who can’t drive. Even though Dunkin’ coffee tastes like gasoline, they have some amazing donuts. If you’re sleep deprived and in a pinch for coffee, we guess Dunkin’ is your go-to. 

CU Latte and Cafe Angelique, two local coffee shops, tied for the third spot. CU Latte has some great crepes and Cafe Angelique has a variety of foods for your every craving. CU Latte offers some nice espressos as well as refreshing coffee flavors, like vanilla and caramel. Cafe Angelique is CU Latte’s more bougie older sister with macarons, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and pastries with names we can’t pronounce. 

Some honorable mentions include Cafe RX, Tenafly Coffee Company, Trader Joe’s, and even Skyzone (though we don’t encourage it). These underrated coffee shops are surely ones to check out. We don’t think you’ll find the best coffee at Skyzone, but we definitely don’t recommend a coffee-jumpin’ duo. It’s a recipe for disaster. 

Now that you know what the best places are to get coffee in Tenafly, go out, grab a cup, and decide for yourself! We can all enjoy a nice iced latte every once in a while. Maybe even two or three if it doesn’t get you too jittery. The best things in life are free, and the even better things have a bit of caffeine. Enjoy!