Behind the Scenes of THS-TV


Olivia Chun and Charley Levine

The THS-TV control room.

Two anchors sit, anxiously anticipating the upcoming minutes during which their faces will become a ubiquitous presence throughout their very own high school classrooms. Shoulders flex back. Smiles radiate warmth. And while nerves linger, excitement brews. Crossed arms rest on the wooden news desk, fingers intertwined as minds are overwhelmed by a wave of emotions. In preparation for the broadcast, videographers swiftly arrange the equipment: adjusting lenses, uploading scripts, wrapping up last-minute edits. At last, the videographers take their places and the anchors take their final deep breaths, perfecting their posture. The recording switch is flipped. The lights beam. The jingle plays. Action. “Good morning, Tenafly Tigers.”

Tenafly High School’s THS-TV program is a greatly esteemed course emphasizing student leadership and independence. The primarily student-run class scripts, reports, and broadcasts its work through the utilization of professional equipment provided by the Today Show, NBC, and other famed broadcasting companies. THS-TV programming is brainstormed and produced in one place, the Lalor Media Center, which serves as a state-of-the-art newsroom, supplying students with collaborative opportunities to broaden their interests in newscasting. When not the backdrop of THS-TV episodes, the well-equipped studio transforms into a just-as-lavish room for faculty and scholars to relish. Positioned in the alluring study, the acclaimed set can be identified by the advanced technology that circumferences the well-known news desk. While the organization is based on the premise of student leadership, Mr. Moger, THS-TV’s co-founder and broadcasting specialist, overlooks the program, stepping in when necessary.

The THS-TV news desk, courtesy of The Today Show.

The faces broadcast throughout the THS-TV episodes exemplify an unmatched courage and bravery, rare to find in a high school setting. Among the few fearless faces, Senior Charles Fleischer is a well-immersed student in the program who appears frequently as an anchor of the Tenafly Tiger Rundown and as a sports commentator for THS games. Fleischer has participated in the program for the entirety of his high school career. While many students shy away from the program out of a fear of public speaking, Fleischer promotes it with the utmost respect and love. He encourages students to be brave and to step out into the spotlight by taking advantage of the unparalleled opportunities offered. Although “there have definitely been some mishaps,” Fleisher reminisces about the many “memorable experiences,” such as the “crazy games” he has narrated in his time as an anchor. Nearing the end of his senior year, Fleisher looks forward to what the future holds. With his acquired skills and experiences gained from the program, Fleisher is certain about one thing. Wherever he lands, one goal will remain a constant: “I want to be a commentator when I grow up,” he said.

THS professionals Mr. DiGregorio and Mr. Moger have long worked to acquire the sophisticated equipment integrated into the program. The two are on a ceaseless hunt to advance the organization, persistently calling major news stations to obtain leftover equipment. Recalling the organization’s underdeveloped stages, Mr. DiGregorio recounted his days of tiresome chasing and all the times when he and Mr. Moger would hear back from the companies and immediately rush off, unable to contain their excitement. “[We were] like kids in a candy shop,” Di Gregorio said. To this day, the program only continues to flourish. Since the launch in ‘99, the two have kept in collaboration to preserve the Lalor Media Center as a place of creative expression. As one of the first schools to stream live video, Tenafly continuously acknowledges the remarkable duo and their self-taught expertise that has surpassed the typical standards of high school media.

In this ever-changing world, keeping up is by no means an easy task. Yet, THS has stood as a prime model of evolution and modernization through time. The school’s persistence and determination to advance forward with technology presents its students with tremendous opportunities and experiences to develop unique skill sets to take with them beyond their high school years. Students who have enrolled in the organization’s classes come out independent and proud of their achievements. Although it is already an exceptional program, in time, who knows what the future holds for THS-TV and for those who take advantage of all it has to offer.