Ashleigh Barty Retires from Pro Tennis at 25



Pablo Estua Carrillo, Staff Writer

A wave of breaking news astounded the world when Ashleigh Barty announced her retirement from professional tennis—a revelation that no one saw coming. Many were confused by the fact that she was retiring at 25 years old. The tennis star made the announcement in an interview with her former doubles partner and posted it on Instagram

Barty’s desire to play tennis was completely fulfilled after winning almost all four Grand Slam competitions. Furthermore, her perspective mainly altered after she specifically won Wimbledon last year. As described in the video above, winning this particular tournament has always been a monumental dream of hers, and, after she achieved it, she felt almost finished. However, she still had one more aspiration to clinch: becoming the champion of the Australian Open, which she accomplished last January. Her victory in the finals marked the end of a 44-year period in which no Australian player won the tournament. 

In addition to her major victories, Barty had a prominent and successful career. Her love for the sport began when she started playing tennis at four years old, and she started playing professionally in April of 2010. In total, she won 15 singles and 12 doubles titles with a total of $23,829,071 earned during her career. Before retiring, she had been ranked number one globally for women for 114 consecutive weeks, an inconceivable streak that very few players have reached in the history of tennis. 

As opposed to many competitors in the sport, Barty’s satisfaction and joy were never dependent on her successes. It has always been about trying her best and working as hard as she could, which is why she no longer has the voracious desire to win like many other players do. She was pleased with her past achievements and felt that it was time to chase her other ambitions. According to ESPN, “Ashleigh Barty had just won the 2019 French Open and was standing on the court waiting for her team to join her… But before [her coach] could share his thoughts and his pride for his star pupil, Barty, then 23, surprised him with a question. ‘Can I retire now?’” After obtaining her first Grand Slam title, she had been satisfied with herself that she felt the need to withdraw from the career that she had been building up until that point in her life. 

Even though she is retiring from playing competitively, she will still be devoted to the beautiful game of tennis. “But my purpose won’t change, I just get to contribute in a different way,” Barty said at a press conference. “I get to contribute more on the tennis side with the younger girls, younger boys, and throughout communities, which is exciting for me.” Barty will be passing down her talent and expertise to the younger generations so that they could learn from the best. 

Contrary to the prior news, Barty didn’t fully close the door on the chance of ever coming back to professional tennis. “You never say never, but it’s a long way off at this stage,” she replied when asked if she was ever returning. 

Although it would be a shame to not see her on the professional courts anymore, the tennis world is excited to see what she has planned for the future. Nonetheless, whatever endeavors she decides to pursue, Ashleigh Barty will forever be commemorated for her superlative triumphs, and most importantly, for being one of the greatest to ever step on the court.