Class and Student Organization Officers Elected for the 2022-2023 School Year


With the 2021-2022 school year coming to a close, the annual elections for the Student Organization and Class Officers have taken place once again. Following a return to normal schooling after the COVID pandemic, the results of the fierce election campaign among the candidates were highly anticipated. The elections took place on Monday, April 25th, and the results came out on the following day. With a fresh cabinet of members ready to serve the school, we will definitely be ready for the upcoming year. 

The differences between the jobs of an elected officer in the Student Organization versus a Class Officer are commonly confused. The Student Organization focuses more on the fundamentals of the school and student life as a whole. By regulating clubs and listening to the suggestions of their peers, the Student Organization forms the backbone of student government within the school. On the other hand, Class Officers are focused on organizing specific events and promoting togetherness within their grade. This responsibility includes raising funds so that each respective grade is able to enjoy experiences both inside and outside school hours. Class Officers also plan the Tenafly High School’s annual Olympics, as well as senior Tux and Prom. Both Student Organization officers and Class Officers play an important role in representing the student body.

Here are the 2022-2023 officers, starting with the Student Organization Elections, which had over 20 candidates running for its five different positions: 

Student Organization President: Sean Kim (’23)

Congratulations Sean! Sean was the Junior Class Treasurer through the 2021-2022 school year and is now bringing his contributions to the Student Organization. 

Student Organization Vice President: Jordan Tobias (’23)

Welcome back to the Student Organization, Jordan! Jordan is also an important member of our school’s Varsity Track & Field team. 

Student Organization Secretary: Gia Shin (’23)

Our new secretary is Gia Shin! In addition to her win, she is the Co-Editor-in-Chief for The Echo and is in the Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Student Organization Treasurer: Elijah Brooks (’23)

The treasurer for the 2022-2023 school year is Elijah! Elijah also represents the school on the diamond as part of our school’s baseball team.

Senior Board of Education Representative: Alexandria Yang (’23)

Our new S.O. Senior Board of Education Representative is Alex! Alex represents the Tigers on the field as an important part of our Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse team.

Junior Board of Education Representative: Ayla Uram (’24)

Congratulations, Ayla! Ayla is a member of the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team, and will now have a role in the S.O. as the Junior Board of Education Representative. 


Now, the newly elected Class Officers for the Class of ’23, who will be entering their final school year.

Senior Class President: Jacqueline Kim (’23)

Jacqueline returns to her role as class president for her final year of high school. She also represents The Echo as the Managing Editor, and will be the Co-Editor-in-Chief next year. 

Senior Class Vice President: Daria Levy (’23)

The vice president position will be filled by Daria for another year. She also contributes her work as a staff member in The Echo. 

Senior Class Secretary: Jessica Huang (’23)

The position of secretary will be filed by Jessica, who also organizes a gift-based charity called Stuft With Love.

Senior Class Treasurer: Jonathan Levy (’23)

Jonathan is making a reentrance to his class’ officer cabinet as this is his second time in office. However, this year, he will be fulfilling the role of treasurer. 


Next, the new Class Officers of the Class of ’24, with a couple of familiar faces from years prior.

Junior Class President: Grace Chung: (’24)

Grace has been class president for every year of her high school experience. She has also appeared in both the Spring Awakening and Little Mermaid theater productions. 

Junior Class Vice President: Zoe Han (’24)

In junior year, Zoe is representing again as the vice president of her class. Zoe also represents our school on the Girls’ Varsity Tennis team as well as in Varsity Track & Field.

Junior Class Secretary: Sarah Fink (’24)

Sarah will once again fill the role of class secretary for her grade. She performs for our school on the tennis courts as she is on the Girls’ Varsity Tennis team. 

Junior Class Treasurer: Chloe Lee (’24)

Chloe joins the junior class office cabinet, filling the treasurer position. Chloe has always been a big help in the planning and success of past class of ’24 Olympics performances. 


And lastly, the new Class Officers of the Class of ’25, who were all previous members of the class office this past year, as they were all running unopposed through the elections.

Sophomore Class President: Liam Tenenbaum (’25)

Liam will serve as class president for another year. He also represents the school on the snow as an important part of our Varsity Ski Racing Team. 

Sophomore Class Vice President: Meredith Ho (’25)

Meredith is returning as the vice president for her sophomore year, and she has played various student government roles for several years.

Sophomore Class Secretary: Sara Hau (’25)

The secretary position will once more be represented by Sara, who is also participating in the THS school production of The Little Mermaid.

Sophomore Class Treasurer: Jocelyn Kim (’25)

Counting the money once more is Jocelyn, who is, along with Sara, acting in this year’s spring THS school musical The Little Mermaid.