Cristiano Ronaldo and Wife Lose Son During Twin Birth



Pablo Estua Carrillo, Staff Writer

It is sad news to bear that Cristiano Ronaldo’s newborn baby recently died. Ronaldo and his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, revealed the immensely saddening news to the world through an Instagram post on Monday, April 18th, the date of the newborn’s death. 

Cristiano and Georgina were expecting twin siblings, but only the baby girl survived while the boy didn’t. The couple captioned their social media post, “the greatest pain that any parents can feel,” and also announced that “only the birth of our baby girl gives us the strength to live this moment with some hope and happiness.” Fans, including professional soccer players and clubs, have paid their respects to Ronaldo and his family through social media, especially through Twitter. 

The following day, the star player did not attend Manchester United’s match against its rival, Liverpool. On the club’s website, the team wrote, “Family is more important than everything and Ronaldo is supporting his loved ones at this immensely difficult time.” In the seventh minute of the game, in remembrance of Ronaldo’s No. 7 jersey, fans and players in the stadium all applauded while singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” A black armband was also worn by his teammates, and even members of the opposing team, through the duration of the event. These gestures were deeply embraced by Ronaldo’s family during their difficult time. 

In the midst of their grief, Ronaldo and his family have a new member to welcome. Cristiano and Georgina returned home with their baby girl just a few days after the birth. In addition, the couple parents four other children: their son, Cristiano Jr.; their twins, Eva and Mateo; and their daughter, Alana, who was born in the same year as the twins. Their eldest son, Cristiano Jr., has recently had the chance to officially sign his first contract with a professional club, Manchester United Academy, due to his outstanding performance. 

The death of Ronaldo and Rodriguez’s baby boy will be remembered by many as a grave tragedy, and the world condoles the couple through their hardship.