A Week to Appreciate our Teachers


Photo: Mrs. Elizabeth Giblin

Joy Lee, Staff Writer

Teacher Appreciation Week, running from May 3rd to the 7th is a week designated annually to appreciate the unconditional contribution and hard work teachers put into every one of their students. Teachers provide the power of education to today’s youth, thereby giving them the possibility for a better future. Without teachers, there would be no such thing as schools or proper education. Therefore, during this week, it is important to consider what our teachers here at THS do for us.

Every day, our teachers provide stability and instill in us important life values. As COVID-19 slowly comes to a halt, it’s important to appreciate all of the things our teachers have done for us on the way. Even during the worst of lockdown, teachers at THS did not hesitate to teach us with guidance and dedication. As students, we are appreciative of all of the teachers who shaped us into the students we are today. In honor of the wonderful teachers of the school, I asked students who they appreciated most as a teacher so far.

I would first like to start with how I appreciate my science teacher, Mr. Policastro. He creates a fun environment for students to learn in. Not only is he a great teacher, but he also incorporates creative ways to light up our day; he has a prize wall that people can help themselves to. He is a very humorous teacher in his own way and you really need to be in his class to understand his humor. He’s also a very supportive teacher. When I wrote my first article, he printed it out, asked me to sign it, and hung it up on the wall. I hope everyone has him at some point so they can get a good laugh. – Joy Lee (’25)

“I really appreciate my teacher Mr. Graziano because not only does he care about us striving to do our best work, but he also cares about how each student is doing. He takes time out of his class to talk to us, make us laugh, and constantly checks in on everyone. He waits outside the door every day to greet everyone as they walk into class, which might seem like a small action, but can truly make someone’s day.” – Jordan Yanowitz (’25)

“My favorite teacher is Ms. Diaz, and she’s my favorite teacher because she’s so smart and knowledgeable and always in a good mood and energetic no matter what. I got really lucky having her in my morning classes because she boosts my mood so much for the rest of the day!” – Jerin Yoo (’25)

“One teacher I appreciate is Ms. Urbaez. I really enjoy her class and she is extremely understanding. She really cares about her students and helps them reach their goals. Thanks to her, my writing skills have noticeably improved throughout the course of the year.” – Diana Rosen (’25)

“I am thankful for Mr. Curko. Sometimes I get tired of work and lazy, but he taught me to just push through those days and keep working. He has taught me to become a better math student as well as motivated me to do well in his class and my other classes as well.” – Stella Lee (’23)

“Thank you, Mrs. Maloney, for such a fun year in AP Lit! I really appreciated our class discussions, as well as our occasional high school musical jams. I wish you the best of luck with retirement, and thank you again.” – Zoe Zachko (’22)

“The teacher I appreciate is Mr. White. He is not only a fantastic science teacher, but he also understands the difficulties we face as students. Extracurricular activities can keep students very busy, and Mr. White always understands if a student is unable to complete an assignment due to stress or other obligations. Mr. White is a teacher who considers students’ hectic schedules and creates a comfortable and safe learning atmosphere for them. He is always patient and makes learning a pleasurable and stress-free experience.” – Adar Serok (’25)

“My favorite teacher is Mr. Hiler because he always finds a way to incorporate his beach house into his teachings. For example, he uses his beach house as an example of international cooperation, to teach us supply and demand, and to teach us about stocks and many more economic concepts. It’s always sunny in Mr. Hiler’s classroom when he teaches us about economics and his beach house.”
-Philip (Duojian) Kongcao (’25)

“I appreciate ms Schmarge because of the positive bubbly attitude she has every single class and how understanding she is. Although her tests are really hard, I love her because she’s so easy to talk to. I want to thank her for always cracking jokes and making classes fun for students.” Christine Lim (’22)

“Ms. Helmis (English) is an amazing teacher and creates a genuinely enjoyable class for her students. She’s more like a mentor, and she’s made me love the subject even more. She is so knowledgeable and is such a fun conversation partner.” Lia Kim (’22)

Thank you to all of the teachers at THS for making a difference for all of the students. We all appreciate you!