Tenafly Students Acknowledged in Regional and National 2022 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards


Scholastic Art and Writing Awards gold key pin

Junhyoung (Edward) Kim, Staff Writer

A couple of months ago, the 2022 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards regional winners were released and recognized all across the globe, including numerous participants from Tenafly High School. Across the 29 categories of writing and arts, 32 Tenafly students received awards for their work. All writing pieces received by the judging committee were reviewed for personal voice, writing skills, and originality. The regional awards present three prizes: gold, silver, and honorable mention.

Genres in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards range from poetry to humor, allowing students to showcase their writing and creativity. The Tenafly district boasts a handful of students who have not only taken advantage of the opportunity to submit their work to the awards, but who have also received regional recognition. 


Writing Awards

Rebecca Beaver (’22)

Silver Key: Poetry – “When We Collide”


Gabrielle Beck (’22)

Honorable Mention: Personal Essay & Memoir – “Beneath His Kaleidoscope Eyes” 


Kayla Cheng (’24)

Silver Key: Personal Essay & Memoir – “The Monster Named ‘It’” 


Lydia Jung (’24)

Silver Key: Poetry – “bright rosy cheeks”  

Honorable Mention: Poetry – “Ball of the Sea’s Twine” 


Jacqueline Kim (’23)

Gold Key: Short Story – “Half a Woman”


Junhyoung Kim (’24)

Honorable Mention: Personal Essay & Memoir – “To Move or Not to Move” 


Karen Ringler (’23)

Honorable Mention: Personal Essay & Memoir – “Sixteen” 


Davin Shin (’26)

Gold Key: Critical Essay – “The Evolution of Feminism in Literature: A Case Study through Ovid’s ‘Pygmalion & Galatea’, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818), and George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion (1912)” 


Dina Shlufman (’23)

Honorable Mention: Personal Essay & Memoir – “Identity Untitled” 

Honorable Mention: Poetry – “7:04pm” 

Honorable Mention: Journalism –  “Why Trivial Pursuit Is the Quintessential Family Game” 


Liam Tenenbaum (’25)

Silver Key: Humor – “New Pandemic Fashion Unmasked in High School” 


Sophia Yeh (’22)

Honorable Mention: Poetry “The River Lethe” 

Honorable Mention Personal Essay & Memoir “Skinny Love” 


Seungkyu Yoon (’23)

Honorable Mention: Personal Essay & Memoir – “The Veil has been Rent: Cultural Revelations in the Time of Covid-19” 

Honorable Mention: Critical Essay – “Protecting Freedom, Protecting Privacy: Historical Connections and Patterns Between Instability and Tyranny”  

Silver Key: Critical Essay – “The Protestant Reformation: Source of European Freedom and Prosperity”  

Silver Key: Personal Essay & Memoir – “Living Between Two Worlds”  

Honorable Mention: Critical Essay – “Eternal Spring of American Optimism?”

Honorable Mention: Flash Fiction – “I Lub America, I Lub Hamburgers”  


Art Awards

Katie Bae (’22)

Honorable Mention: “Corruption”

Honorable Mention: “Katie by Katie”

Honorable Mention: “Lost in Saturation”

Silver Key: “Industrial Lust”

Gold Key: “Route 616”

Gold Key: “Society’s Pandemic”

Gold Key: “Devouring Nature”

Gold Key: “Eye Catching”

Gold Key: “All Around You”


Woojeong Cho (’22)

Gold Key: “Turning Point”

Gold Key: “Life” 

Silver Key: “Umbrella” 

Silver Key: “Spider” 

Silver Key: “Repetition” 

Silver Key: “Daily Life” 

Honorable Mention: “Touchable”

Honorable Mention: “Pressure” 

Honorable Mention: “Night” 

Honorable Mention: “Disorientation” 


Olivia Cutri (’26)

Honorable Mention


Zoe Han (’24)

Honorable Mention: “Noon in Kailua”

Honorable Mention: “Wanderlust”


Lydia Jung (’24)

Silver Key: “After School”


Jenna Kim (’24)

Honorable Mention: “Detached” 

Honorable Mention: “Strays”


Yoobin Kim (’23)

Honorable Mention: “An Elegy for Myanmar” 

Gold Key: “Reflection”


Chloe Lee (’24)

Gold Key: “Earth’s Pandemonium”


Eugene Lee (’26)

Silver Key: “A Dead End”


Isaac Lee (’22)

Silver Key


Jenna Lee (’25)

Honorable Mention


Gaeun Park (’24)

Gold Key: “The nature of human relationship: The way how to love each other”

Honorable Mention: “Second Stage Of Lingering Affection”

Gold Key: “Tell Me The Story, I’m All Ears” 

Silver Key: “You Owe Me Color”


Maxwell Selver (’22)

Gold Key 

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention


Yulim Seo (’23)

Silver Key

Honorable Mention


Madison Situ (’22)

Honorable Mention: “Fatherhood”

Silver Key: “Looking Back” 


Euihan (Samuel) Um (’24)

Honorable Mention: “Journey”


Jingyi Xing (’25)

Silver Key: “Moving Out”


Isabelle Yan (’22)

Gold Key: “Uninvited Friends”

Silver Key: “It’s Too Much” 

Honorable Mention: “Child’s Play”

Honorable Mention: “We Are Watching Them”


Jacqueline Yan (’22)

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention


Mandy Zhang (’22)

Gold Key: “Branded” 

Gold Key “Covid Denier”

Honorable Mention: “Deafening Anger” 

Honorable Mention: “Figure in Red”

Honorable Mention: “Green Figure” 

Honorable Mention: “Kiss of Death”

Honorable Mention: “Life Drawing” 

Honorable Mention: “Pastel Figure” 

Gold Key: “Privileged Predator” 

Silver Key: Sculpture – “Privileged Predator” 

Honorable Mention: “Repression” 

Honorable Mention: “Self Portrait in Orange” 

Gold Key: Sculpture – “Stairway to Heaven”

Honorable Mention: “Whimsical”