Mr. Hubbard, Head Engineer of Student Organization


Liam Tenenbaum and Serra Cetin

In the distant depths of Tenafly High School’s science wing lies a room of otherworldly contraptions and bizarre machinery. Here you might discover the soft buzz of a 3D printer, the unfurling of an intricate blueprint, or even the whirring parts of a vivacious robot. What some might not know is that this realm of engineering and technology doubles as the current seat of government for the Tenafly High School Student Organization, where our very own classmates represent our best interests in the face of adult administration. The center of all these operations? Mr. Allen Hubbard, robotics and engineering expert turned political powerhouse. 

Mr. Hubbard’s early years were instrumental to his present day contributions to THS. He grew up in Dallas, Texas, and had already shown aptitude for engineering at an early point in his life. As a child, he built robots and other contraptions for the fun of it, initiating his interest to pursue robotics and engineering. For good or bad, Hubbard was able to use his engineering abilities to circumvent many of his parents’ rules for him. Hubbard recalled a story sparked by his appreciation for the young internet and his childhood recklessness. “You could buy things on the internet, and my parents wouldn’t let me have a motorcycle, so I had an idea that I was going to order a motorcycle on eBay part by part and build it in my garage. And this happened over a year; I ordered the parts from used motorcycles all around the world, then for months assembled the motorcycle, skirting my parents’ warnings. I was always into cars and building things, as long as I could remember,” Hubbard said.

As a result of a childhood love for engineering, Hubbard decided to pursue a high level of education in the field. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in his home state of Texas, studying Physics and Engineering at Stephen F. Austin State University. Further ambition led him to achieving a Master of Science degree in Science Education, at Lehman College in the Bronx. After college, Hubbard got a job as a consultant. “I thought I was going to have so much fun making so much money traveling. I did those things, and it was incredibly boring to me,” said Mr Hubbard. Teaching kids made him happier through a profession than consulting ever did. Thus, he found a way to incorporate his love of teaching and technology together, passing down his skills for cultivation of the younger generation.

After teaching physics in the Bronx for 5-6 years, Hubbard started his career at Tenafly High School. Hubbard provides his expertise through many means, as he inspires Tenafly youth to pursue their aspirations in engineering. The current courses he teaches are Architecture and Design, Introduction to Engineering and Design, as well as Robotics and Machines. Hubbard is one of the main contributors to the various realms of Tenafly’s technology related classes, establishing himself as a respected and appreciated instructor with expertise in a rapidly growing industry. “His extensive knowledge of engineering and STEM truly makes Mr. Hubbard a niche member of our community, and a very valuable resource for students” said Sean Kim (’23), the S.O. President and close associate of Hubbard.

Hubbard’s contributions to the engineering world at THS stretch further than the classes he teaches. He is the advisor for both the STEM Club, and the Robotics Club, two major organizations at the heart of Tenafly’s Engineering community. The Robotics Club allows students to express themselves and challenge their knowledge through collaborating, brainstorming, constructing, and testing out robots. The STEM Club focuses on the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Members use the capabilities of this collaboration of disciplines to think and create in novel ways. Any aspiring scientists should definitely consider joining!

The Student Organization (S.O.) is a “student-led group that helps plan activities for the school,” according to Hubbard. The 2022-2023 school year marked the start of Hubbard’s career as the advisor of the S.O, a demanding position that requires close involvement with our school’s student leaders. Last year, Hubbard co-advised with previous advisor Mr. Rendell, before having the torch passed to him and beginning to fly solo. Although he is new to the position, Hubbard has already managed to oversee multiple projects to liven the school. In early October, Hubbard and his S.O. officers have been working on Freshman representative elections. The young population of Tenafly has a unique perspective that is necessary towards implementing school wide changes. 

Another monumental occasion was when the S.O. held its first Pep Rally since the beginning of COVID. COVID was a major adversity for the S.O. team to overcome, leading to many years without school favorite events like the Pep Rally. After this drought, Hubbard and the S.O. officers were able to bring it back with lively colors, and hosted a Pep Rally that was exciting and truly showed our “Tiger Spirit”. “We, as a team, put particular care into its planning, which Mr. Hubbard very much gave his time and effort in ensuring that the event turned out well.” said Kim. Hubbard was able to defy the odds to run this year’s successful and lively pep rally, with perseverance he showed ever since his dauntless childhood. 

We hope that our readers recognize the reputation Hubbard has engineered for himself. He is an instrumental member of the THS community that offers a wide range of resources to our students. We hope you appreciate the positive outreach he has to everyone at THS.