Ava Chun: Up-And-Coming Soccer Superstar


Tessa Rinaldi Media

Jordan Yanowitz, Staff Writer

When freshman Ava Chun stepped onto the field on the first day of pre-season training, everything changed for the Tenafly Girl’s Soccer team. It is already impressive enough to make varsity as a freshman in any sport, but to be the prime reason why your team has had one of its most incredible seasons in a decidedly long time is ground-breaking. Ava Chun has had an astonishing first year on the team, not only scoring 21 goals but also being named soccer player of the week in September after her second official week of the season. This striker dominates the game, zipping around the field, taking on four defenders at once, and driving the ball right into the goal, time and time again.

Chun started playing soccer in the second grade; however, the onset was rocky. She didn’t love the sport, but luckily for Tenafly Girl’s Soccer, she stuck with it. As she continued to play, she started liking it. “After the repetition and traveling it required, it grew onto me,” Chun (’26) said. “The friendships that I made with my teammates made me want to keep going and enjoying the sport.” The first team she was a part of was TSF (The Soccer Factory), but a year later she switched to Cedar Stars and has been playing with the team ever since.

Before the 2022 soccer season started, Chun was unsure of what to expect. She didn’t think it would be that exciting for her, but she put on her game face and stepped onto the field. Immediately, she realized that high school soccer was just as rigorous as club. The transition from middle school to high school can be hard, particularly when you are playing a time-consuming sport at the same time. Nevertheless, Chun embraced this change and used soccer as a way to relieve any stresses she had. She was able to make new friends on the team, all older than her, who helped direct her as she began to navigate high school. 

Have you ever spied athletes preparing for a game in their own unique way? Before every soccer game, Chun makes sure to execute her ritual of successfully juggling the ball ten times. This allows her to focus solely on the task at hand, putting her into a good mindset. It is one of her lucky charms. When looking back on the season, an extremely important and momentous memory was the team’s successful win over their number-one rival, NVD. Chun said this was her “proudest moment” of the season, as she scored two goals, taking the win for the team. This was the first time Tenafly has beaten NVD in 16 years, making it a very thrilling victory. 

For many athletes, one of the best parts of playing a sport is the pride you gain from being successful. Whenever Chun steps onto the field, she makes sure to give it her all. Chun believes that “when you put in the right effort and come out on top, you are bound to feel happy. You realize you want to keep playing because something good comes out of it.” Going forward, Chun wants to continue her successful soccer career all the way into college. Her dream is to play Division 1 soccer at UNC and to continue the outstanding job she has done so far. So get ready Tenafly, because Ava Chun is swiftly making her way to the top, one goal at a time.