Types of Moms


Joie Evar, Staff Writer

Everyone has a stereotype of moms. They are mainly emphasized in movies and other times in everyday life. Although only stereotypes and not entirely real, it is extremely likely that you have encountered, heard, or physically seen snippets of these stereotypes play out in action. To put a name to a face, here are the most famously known types of moms that you might be familiar with in The Tenafly Times, the pick-up line at school, town, friends, and more. 

The Karen: The most notorious of all moms is the “Karen.” Not only is Karen found in your local supermarket complaining to the manager, but she is also found in memes all over the world. According to Urban Dictionary, she is a “Middle aged woman, typically blonde, makes solutions to others’ problems an inconvenience to her although she isn’t even remotely affected.” The Karen is the blueprint of a rule follower and to be her child may just be worse than to be the manager at any store. You may find traces of her personality in the town group chat, usually the one complaining about the dog poop on her lawn, where she has a sign that proves it.

The Type B Mom: The Type B Mom is the most chill of all the moms, but with that comes the reputation of the not-so-present mom. This mom is usually talked about by all the mother moms and how irresponsible it was to let her kids have dessert after nine p.m. This mom never responds to anything in the group chat and is always the one missing the trivial but monumental elementary school events such as the first grade play, classroom birthday celebrations, and holidays. This mom is very close with the school administrator, due to their daily phone calls reminding her that she has forgotten to pick her kids up from school yet again. If her kids are lucky and she does not forget then that means she will be 20 minutes late at most. 

The “Cool Mom”: From the iconic mention in Mean Girls, the “Cool Mom” continues to proceed to the highly praised status. There is no other meaning other than the literal meaning of the phrase “Cool Mom.” This is the mom who is usually better friends with her children’s friends than her children themselves. Her household is welcome to everyone and you can usually find her doing her daily meditations next to her collection of crystals in her room. It is always at her house where the annual pool party takes place as well as each holiday celebration. She is easy to spot in the pickup line after school, blasting Hits Radio 1 while sipping on her kombucha. 

The Workout Mom: In her latest Lululemon set, there is the Workout Mom, who you can usually spot running up and down the streets of town. However, you should not underestimate her because she may be an aspiring health blogger which there is evidence of on the 12-hour Instagram stories of her attempt of making tonight’s dinner. She is always in a good mood after her pilates class and is always spotted with her green smoothie. 

The Perfectionist: You have never been more jealous of someone’s lunch until eating with the child of a perfectionist. The perfectionist mom is the neatest, cleanest, and most organized of all the moms. She is found with sanitizer at hand at all times. Her children most likely have inherited her germaphobe genes and have limited availability for playdates due to their strict curfew for 7 o’clock dinner every night. Her house is filled with color-coated and labeled items throughout. Ever since she watched the Social Dilemma she forbids her children from downloading any social media, as she claims it to be “reckoning society” and her children’s brains.

The Insta Mom: Comparatively to the perfect mom, we have the mom who likes to make it seem like she is. You may know her from her iconic Instagram or Facebook photos documenting every aspect of her children’s life. There is no science fair, dance recital, graduation without a notification buzz that this mom was there. However, what this mom doesn’t realize is the blackmail material she creates for her children as the inevitable resurface of the first day of middle school photos pops up in the group chat with her child’s friends. This mom is always the first to send out the family’s annual holiday card, but more specifically with the picture of the family’s dog on the back wishing everyone a happy holiday as well.

The Helicopter Mom: The only thing worse than the drama itself is the mom who gets involved. Everyone in their lives, one way or another, has encountered the helicopter mom. She is usually the one who asks for plans, being that her children are shy and silenced within the household from their mom’s opinion. Regardless of what her kids want, the helicopter mom will do anything for her kids to be considered “popular.” She will track down children and their parents either to score an invite or tattletale on some friends who said a snarky comment to her child at lunch. She is the primary example of a mama bear and can claw her way into almost anything. 

Out of all these moms, what does not come into question is their love for their children, even though what is highly questionable is their children’s love for them. Moms are a special breed and are all a great addition to our lives. Next time you see one of these types of moms, get a good laugh in and know that you are not the only one who sees them too!