Tenafly Swim Team Preparations


David Shin, Staff Writer

Tenafly High School is well known for its several athletics programs, one of them being the Tenafly swim team. Last year, in the 2021-22 season, the boys’ swim team easily took first place in the Bergen County meet, gaining a total of 231 points. They also made it to the finals last year against Princeton High School. The outcome was that Tenafly barely lost by three points. The girls qualified for Team States, which was a great achievement. The captains that will be leading this season are Tamar Peleg, Brandon Gao, Lydia Jung, Hayoung Choe, and Aaron Baltaytis, with head coach Mathew White and assistant coach Darquea Kim.

In New Jersey, the state is broken up into different sections to make the competition even and fair. There are North 1, North 2, Central, and South divisions. To break it up further, each division is split into groups. Groups, labeled A, B, and C depend on the school’s size. Tenafly is placed in North 1 Group B. Teams in this group include Roxbury, Northern Highlands, Lenape Valley, Randolph, etc. The season starts with high schools clashing to qualify for the tournament in their division. After high school teams make it to their divisional tournament, they must win their division to make it up higher against other division high school winners. Last year Tenafly High School boys’ team won 11-1. Coach White is confident in Tenafly’s victory this year.

The answers given by Mr. White are proof of the team’s confidence this year. The boys are expected to become County Champs/League Champs, undefeated just like last year.The team must become sectional champs and after that go on to States. The girls are most definitely going to have a new league-winning season and qualify for team states. The Tenafly Tigers are undefeatable.

Another question that came up is: What Preparations is the team making to make the season better than last year? Mr. White has constantly been telling his swimmers  to do their daily 100 push-ups and crunches until the start of our season. They are going to plan to incorporate equipment to make the team stronger. The team starts practicing on November 22, 2022. In conclusion, this year the Tenafly Swim team will go strong and will win against many teams. The first match will be against Mahwah on December 11.