Midnight Masquerade Homecoming Hits Home with Student Body


Liam Tenenbaum, Staff Writer

On a cold Friday night, Tenafly High School upperclassmen found themselves starting their weekend where they’d least expected: back at school. However, they were now dressed in their best attire, ready to attend this year’s Homecoming dance. 

The student-led Homecoming was held on Friday, November the 18th. All Tenafly seniors and juniors were invited to join together for a night of fancy dressing, dancing, food, drinks, and togetherness. It was the second annual Homecoming after a long break from the tradition, but it came back stronger than ever. 

The students slowly poured into the gym to be met by strings of dazzling lights, cheerful music, and ornate balloon decorations. The once dreary gym that could have only been characterized by its beige walls and fluorescent lights had been completely transformed to a room that was now festive and elegant. The “midnight masquerade” theme gave the gym a mystical feeling, with many darkly colored balloons, lights, and outfit choices setting the tone. 

The organizing class officers aimed to set this Homecoming apart from last year’s, and they were able to do so with some fun additions to the event. One was a fully digital photo booth that allowed a group to take multiple pictures with props, and  get copies to take as a memory. The line for the photo booth was almost always long, making it clear that many people enjoyed this addition. Another crowd favorite was a cotton candy machine that served out massive sweet treats to everyone at the event. Along with free food, drinks, and snacks, everyone at the event had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of treats. 

Another important change to this year’s Homecoming was the hiring of a professional DJ. Although it was an expensive investment, the officers decided that it would be a great addition to the environment and would help people create more memories. The DJ played music all night long, encouraging everyone to join together in the middle of the dance floor and celebrate. He even commenced games that led to heated competition in dress shoes and high heels, which often ended up messy. These additions to the atmosphere were what made this year’s Homecoming so special. 

Organizing an event like Homecoming is no easy feat, and because it is only student-run, the task was bravely accepted by the upperclassmen officers. A special shoutout to all the senior and junior class officers: Jacqueline Kim (’23), Daria Levy (’23), Jessica Huang (’23), Jonathan Levy (’23), Grace Chung (’24), Zoe Han (’24), Sarah Fink (’24), and Chloe Lee (’24). The group of eight put in many hours of work to produce a night that would become a cherished memory for everyone that went. 

When asked what the successes of this year’s Homecoming were, there was a long list of things to mention. “Organizing an event like Homecoming where you have to take into consideration not only your own grade, but another class, was pretty difficult,” Chung, Junior Class President said. “There are distinct differences between the senior and junior classes. But all the preparation was so worth it because I saw so many smiles that night. It made me so happy seeing people taking photos with their friends, laughing, and getting cotton candy on their faces.” 

Not only did the organizers see the success in the event, but it was made clear through the large number of tickets sold both prior to the event and at the door. “Last year’s dance felt a little underwhelming, so we wanted to make sure that this year’s Homecoming would be one to remember,” Kim, Senior Class President, said. “I just wanted a lot of people to have a lot of fun. And because this would be the seniors’ last Homecoming, I wanted it to be especially memorable.”. 

It was safe to say that the goal was met, as many people had a blast at the event. We are lucky to have such a nice tradition here at THS, one that brings together many people for a night of fun. Hopefully, the current positive experiences with the Homecoming dance will solidify its position in the THS community, letting it happen for many years to come.