Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ – Which One Is Better?


Eden Garrett, Staff Writer

Starbucks vs. Dunkin’… which to choose? Both companies have become two of the most popular coffee companies in the United States. Over the years, these two chains have grown more and more as thousands of Starbucks and Dunkin’ stores began to open, leading to a growing competition between the two companies. Many question which company to buy from when craving a cup of coffee, when grabbing breakfast in the morning, or simply when buying a refreshing drink. Although everyone has his or her own opinions, here are some of my preferences when choosing between Starbucks and Dunkin’.

First, one difference I see between Starbucks and Dunkin’ is the quality and taste of their items. At Starbucks, I think its food items are more sophisticated and upscale. Its drinks are more unique and are less sugary than those at Dunkin’. I also find Dunkin’s drinks a little less flavorful than Starbucks’ drinks. For example, I personally love an iced matcha latte whenever and wherever. Recently, I tried Dunkin’s matcha for the first time, and it definitely wasn’t a favorite of mine. It was way too sugary for my liking and lacked the authentic matcha flavor that the drink needs. Taste also plays a major role in the difference between both companies’ coffees. At Starbucks, its coffee is known to have a more robust flavor that will definitely wake you up in the morning. On the other hand, I think Dunkin’s coffee is a bit less flavorful. If I were to buy coffee in the morning, I would buy it from Starbucks to be more energized; I would probably get a coffee from Dunkin’ at any other time throughout the day.

In addition to the quality and taste of the items at Starbucks and Dunkin’, the prices of the items play an important role when I choose between the two stores. For example, the size of a grande beverage at Starbucks is equivalent to a size small beverage at Dunkin’ for a higher price. Despite having delicious drinks, Starbucks tends to have higher prices than Dunkin’ does. This is crucial when determining which place to choose from, since most consumers strive to order from places with the cheapest options. Therefore, if I were to want a large-sized coffee, I would most likely go to Dunkin’ because I know that it would be cheaper if I purchased a coffee there rather than at Starbucks. 

Lastly, both fast food chains offer other food options, including breakfast foods, sandwiches, donuts, muffins, cake pops, etc. For this type of food, I would go to either Starbucks or Dunkin’. However, it depends on the time of day and what I’m craving. At Dunkin’, I think it offers a better selection of breakfast options, including breakfast wraps, hash browns, bagels, muffins, and best of all, its donuts. Dunkin’ is known for its donuts; it has a wide variety of flavors, including glazed donuts, jelly donuts, Boston Kreme, powdered donuts, cinnamon-sugared donuts, and many more. But, if I were to choose between Dunkin’ or Starbucks lunch options, I would go with Starbucks. I really like its sandwiches and wraps as there are many options to choose from. While I really enjoy the food items offered at both chains, it really depends on when I’m planning on eating.

Despite the differences between Starbucks and Dunkin’, it ultimately all comes down to convenience. For me, I go to Dunkin’ more often than I go to Starbucks, especially because the nearest Dunkin’ store is located at a walking distance from the school. However, I can never guarantee that my Dunkin’ order will always taste the same. Starbucks is more of a hassle as you have to drive a bit further for it. But I always know that whatever I get will taste like my usual order, which is why I would prefer Starbucks over Dunkin’. If it tastes good and it’s a good quality item, then I’m all for it! It may be inconvenient and a bit more pricey, but it will always be a favorite!