What Does Your Favorite Christmas Movie Say About You?


Jordan Yanowitz, Staff Writer

As snowflakes begin to fall, and Mariah Carey’s holiday hits play in every mall, it’s clear that Christmas is right around the corner. And what better way to kick off the holiday season than by binge-watching beloved classic Christmas movies! Whether you are partial to comedies, romances, or even horror films, there is a movie out there for everyone. Have you ever wondered what your favorite Christmas movie says about you? The expert here, AKA your Jewish friend Jordan, will tell you all about it.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Let’s start off with an all-time classic, far superior to the 2018 wannabe Grinch cartoon, this movie exemplifies the true meaning of the holidays: gifts. Kidding, obviously. The main point of the movie is to discuss how terrible Christmas time truly is. If this movie is on repeat for you throughout this season, you are what I like to call a scrooge. You don’t really love the holidays. Actually, to you, they’re a waste of time and money spent purchasing and precisely placing each useless decoration. The spirit of Christmas disgusts you, along with Cindy Lou and her eccentric hairdo. You only consider this holiday beneficial because a) it gives you a break from school and b) it allows you to crush the dreams of any unsuspecting child near you that still believes in Santa. Not only do you despise Christmas, but also all other futile “holidays” like the oh-so-terrible Valentine’s Day. You put on this movie to comfort yourself; it’s a reminder that just like you, everyone is lonely and miserable on Christmas.

Elf – The Christmas Fanatic. There is nobody on planet earth who loves this joyous holiday more than you. Christmas isn’t just a holiday, it’s your purpose. Waking up at 5 a.m. on Christmas is customary for your excessively scheduled morning. The day after Thanksgiving we can catch you putting up your exceedingly ornamented tree, hanging lights all over your front yard, and already creating a wish list filled with presents. However, Christmas to you isn’t just about the cornucopia of gifts, it’s about spending time with the ones you love. You are a vibrant, energetic person who would love to stay a kid forever. Your favorite meal is either syrup and candy-covered spaghetti, or any other Christmas-related food you can imagine. The day after Christmas, you are already counting down the days until next year’s festivities.

Love, Actually – To you, the holidays are a time to find your perfect match. You go out in search of all the other lonely singles, desperate for love on Christmas. This movie reminds you that even when things get hard, your soulmate is somewhere out there, waiting for you. Every time you see mistletoe, your heart skips a beat. Since you were young, you obsessed over every Christmas rom-com with a happy ending you could get your hands on. You are known as the hopeless romantic, using every holiday that exists as a scheme to find your one true love. You have a lot of affection to share; one way you do so is by gifting presents to those around you. Maybe one day that perfect person will run through an airport for you to confess their everlasting love.

The Polar Express – So you may have been one of those kids who believed in Santa until about a week ago when your parents finally broke the unfortunate news…But in reality, who cares? People are jealous of your infinite optimism and bliss. You are the superlative among Christmas enthusiasts. During the holidays we can catch you going caroling or making gingerbread houses with your best friends. You have a few Christmas traditions you know you will always keep, and the Christmas spirit will always stay with you, regardless of how old and grumpy you become. That jingle bell will always keep ringing just for you.

No matter what kind of Christmas enjoyer, or non-enjoyer you are, hopefully this joyous season will be one to remember. Happy holidays to all, and to all, a good night!