A New Spark at Friday Night Lights


Mr. Jacobetz with the marching band (Courtesy THS PASO)

Watch the Marching Tigers Opening Song

Jiho Park, Staff Writer

Mr. Jacobetz with the marching band (Courtesy THS PASO)

Mr. Michael Jacobetz has been the new marching band teacher since August and has a promising adventure ahead of him. Previously a middle school teacher, Mr. Jacobetz used to teach orchestra and band. Now, Mr. Jacobetz plans to lead the marching band with a more serious culture that he believes will get better every day. With a brand new  start for the students at the school, members hope to reach their true potential and grow as musicians.

For Jacobetz, this job has not been the easiest. He started teaching the members the music about a week into August, giving him very little time to prepare. Jacobetz hoped to have given his students all the music in the spring before the 2017-2018 year but was not given the opportunity. With the time Jacobetz has had, though, he has gotten the most out of it. Jacobetz “expects the marching band to grow” and improve over the year.

Aaron Gordon, a rising trumpet player, believes that the marching band will progressively grow.  “I’m excited for the future years,” he said. He said that the marching band may not be the best right now, but with Jacobetz leading the way, the band could be very strong in the future. Gordon said that goes into marching band rehearsal every day striving to be a better player and to help the marching band improve.

Saxophone player, Lucas Gomez, said that though the marching band may not have been very good at the start, the upward trend is visible to many of the members and has many students excited. Lucas believes that a “more serious environment” has come this year and expects the members to improve.

Jacobetz hopes  members will play with “confidence and pride,” and he proudly stated that there are some very good musicians in the marching band. However, he wants the musicians to play with a goal to get better and not just play because the teacher told them to. Jacobetz believes that with the new culture he hopes to establish, the members will use their talents and become great musicians.

Marching Band (Courtesy THS PASO)

Unfortunately, the marching band will not compete in any competitions this year, but Jacobetz states that there will be plenty in the future. He said he was confident that the marching band will be excellent with a strong core of sophomores and freshman.

Students who wish to experience the full effect of a Friday Night Lights football game should listen to the marching band. Listen to its beat, its notes, its rhythm.