Outer Banks Season 3: Everything You Need To Know Before It’s Out


Olivia Lai, Staff Writer

Tired of the cold, dreary days of winter and ready for the warm summertime? Well, you can mentally take yourself back to the beach with Netflix’s original show, Outer Banks. This TV show sensation is finally coming back for another season full of sunshine, surfing, and adventure.

First appearing on Netflix’s screens during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, Outer Banks has amassed a whopping 1,160 million views with its current two seasons (and a much anticipated third season on its way). Before you mark your calendars for Outer Banks Season 3 on February 23rd, here’s what you need to know about the Netflix sensation (spoiler warning!):

Outer Banks follows the adventures of five teens through the sunny shores of Outer Banks, North Carolina. Here in the Outer Banks, the island is divided into two social groups: the rich Kooks and the poor-living Pogues. Characters John B., JJ, and Pope are all Pogues, part of the working class who spend their days surfing, fishing, and scraping for money. Characters Kiara and Sarah are both from the rich side of the island, but end up befriending the Pogues and joining them during the lazy days of summer. The first season of the show follows the friend group as they discover a lost treasure that has been searched for for years. The Royal Merchant, a sunken ship with $400 million worth of gold onboard, went missing for years until these teens followed a series of mysterious clues that directed them to the treasure. The kids encounter many roadblocks along the way, even risking their own lives in order to claim the gold. John B. gets caught up in trouble with Sarah’s dad, Ward, and ends up getting framed for murder. The first season ends on a cliffhanger as John B. and Sarah escape near death at sea and become fugitives in Nassau, Bahamas.  

Season 2 opens up with John B and Sarah hiding out in Nassau while the entirety of the Outer Banks, including their friends, has presumed that they are dead at sea. John B. finally contacts his friends and asks for them to clear his name so that he can come home. Things start to get muddy as Pope, JJ, and Kiara search for evidence to clear John B.’s name, and by the time that John B. and Sarah do come home, a new treasure has been discovered. One thing leads to another and the kids are back to fighting for their claim over this treasure. Sarah’s family gets twisted into the hunt, and ends up fighting the kids for the hidden gem. A final fight scene on a ship leaves the Pogues stranded on an island, leaving audiences questioning what’s in store for the teens in season 3.

Now, looking into season 3, we see the return of all the main characters, plus an addition to the group: a girl named Cleo from the Bahamas. Netflix released an official teaser around three months ago for the new season, but an official trailer is yet to come. In this teaser, we see the Pogues stranded on the island, enjoying their time together. The trailer shows lots of action, particularly from Sarah’s family, so we can assume that this treasure hunt is ongoing. We may even be introduced to a new treasure. We can also assume that some new important characters are going to come into play, including Cleo, and John B.’s father, who is in fact alive. Although there has not been an official announcement, it is believed that this will not be the last season of the show, and that there will be more to come after season 3. What we do know for sure is that this season is going to be action-packed, so grab your popcorn and get ready to binge-watch the new season!