Types of People on Valentine’s Day

Types of People on Valentine’s Day

Joie Evar, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day: I’m sure you have watched all the movies, read all the memes, and seen all of the TikToks (for the parents reading this, Instagram Reels), but this ValenTIME, I’ll be going through the real types of people that we see on February 14th. 

The Athlete: This isn’t the athlete that we see on the field; this is the person who thinks that they can finally get off the bench and play the field of love for once. Yes, we know that Valentine’s Day can spark desperation in many. But that doesn’t mean that people should act on those impulses. You’re better off not trying to hit people up last minute––the chances are that you won’t be able to score. 

The Valen(screen)time: This is the person who tries to sell their relationship to all of social media. Maybe it’s their first relationship or maybe they are trying to become an influencer, but there is honestly no way to tell the difference at this point. Hope your dinner at the NYC rooftop was fun, but it will probably be the last time you’re allowed to go back after you blinded the table next to you with the number of times your flash went off. 

The Critics: I don’t know about the older people reading this, but for high schoolers, it’s very rare that one can write one’s partner something online without other people laughing or having something to say. A girlfriend could write the most wholehearted message and there will always be the people who say, “Did you see what Ashley wrote?” or “That couple is so cringey.” Obviously, the critics aren’t the kindest group to be around with on February 14th, but I wouldn’t say there are many options after them because everyone else is in a relationship. So have fun third-wheeling!

The Galentines: From personal experience, I can say that a Galentine’s Day never misses. The Galentines represent a friend group (usually girls or “gals”) that chooses to celebrate the holiday together. Whether that means just hanging out or doing a new TikTok trend to celebrate, they are always consistent at making the holiday enjoyable. 

The Chocoholic: This is the person that makes Valentine’s Day their entire personality. At this point, it doesn’t even matter if this person is in a relationship or if they even like chocolate; they will show up wearing red and pink to school. You already know they were the Valentine messengers in elementary school (if you know, you know). 

The Notorious A.V.P.: The A.V.P, also known as the “Anti-Valentines People,” are the ones we always see in movies. The only reason why these people are not grouped in with the critics is because they don’t actually believe in the concept of Valentine’s Day. But just because they are an A.V.P this year doesn’t meant that they can’t be giving TLC next year, so watch out. 

As the big day comes up, keep your eye out for these people. If there’s anything you should have learned, it’s that you should probably start making your plans now. But never stop spreading the love! XOXO