The Top 10 Lies of George Santos


Gabi Eimbinder, Staff Writer

George Santos, the Republican Congressman from New York’s Third District, was elected in November of 2022. But who really is George Santos? None of us knows because his entire campaign was a sham. Here are his top ten lies. 

  1. Santos said he dropped out of Horace Mann School in the Bronx due to his family’s financial difficulties, but he never even attended Horace Mann. 
  2. Santos said he obtained degrees from Baruch College and NYU, but no record of him attending either institution exists.
  3. Santos said he attended Baruch College on a volleyball scholarship and “slayed” Harvard and Yale, but he never played volleyball. 
  4. Santos said he worked on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, but neither company has any record of his employment. 
  5. Santos said he funded an animal charity called Friends of Pets United and collected money from people, but this charity doesn’t exist. 
  6. Santos said his grandparents were Holocaust survivors, but there are no records from the Holocaust Museum or the International Center on Nazi Persecution. 
  7. Santos said he was Jewish, and then he backpedaled and said he was “Jew-ish,” but genealogy records show no Jewish heritage. 
  8. Santos said four people who worked for him died in the mass-shooting at Pulse Nightclub, an Orlando gay nightclub, but there is no known connection with any of the 49 people who died. 
  9. Santos said his mother died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but on December 23, 2016, he posted that his mother died that day. Did she die twice?
  10. Santos said he was in Hannah Montana and the Suite Life of Zach & Cody, but there is no record of him on the credits. 

This list is just some of the many lies George Santos has told. In my opinion, Santos should not be trusted or represent the people in New York’s Third Congressional District. The “George Santos” they elected was fake. His campaign of lies promotes a culture of lying in our country and sends the message to young people that it’s okay to make up whatever one wants to get ahead in life instead of working hard to achieve something. George Santos should be stripped of the honor of representing the people of New York’s Third District in Congress.