Legends Never Die: Michael Jordan´s Championship Shoes and the Value of Sports Memorabilia

Legends Never Die: Michael Jordan´s Championship Shoes and the Value of Sports Memorabilia

Samantha Shanker, Guest Writer

What if I told you that each shoe Michael Jordan wore during his NBA championship-winning games with the Chicago Bulls is up for sale? Well, believe it or not, it is true. The shoes are up for sale at Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest brokers and auction houses of jewelry, real estate, fine art, and collectibles. The set, titled “The Dynasty Collection,” includes  Air Jordan VI (1991), Air Jordan VII (1992), Air Jordan VIII (1993),  Air Jordan XI (1996), Air Jordan XII (1997), and Air Jordan XIV (1998).

The former professional basketball player, Michael Jordan, is considered the best player to ever play the game. He is a global icon who symbolizes success and achievement. During his career, he accumulated six finals MVP awards, five MVP awards, 14 All-Star game appearances, and two Olympic gold medals. Jordan led his team to six NBA championships during 15 professional seasons and had a perfect 6-0 record in the Finals. Aside from being one of the best basketball players to ever live, he also has a partnership with Nike, the famous Air Jordan sneakers. As stated by Sotheby’s, the collection is supposed to be ¨the most valuable and significant collection of Air Jordan sneakers ever brought to market,¨ and it could potentially be the biggest sports memorabilia sale ever. ¨The Dynasty Collection¨ represents the convergence of Michael Jordan’s style legacy and champion legacy. Jordan wore these shoes in his remarkably unforgettable Chicago Bulls games against the Lakers (1991), Blazers(1992), Suns (1993), Sonics (1996), and Jazz (1997 and 1998).

Sotheby’s is not revealing the price of the shoe collection yet, but sneaker collectors are estimating that it will cost somewhere around $100 million. This isn’t the first time Jordan’s memorabilia has been sold, as the jersey that Jordan wore in his final championship game was sold for $10 million. 

The sneakers were showcased in Dubai from February 28th until March 3rd. The collection will be in Hong Kong from April 1st until April 8th and in Singapore from May 3rd until May 6th. The collection will be coming to New York as well sometime in the future. ¨The Dynasty Collection” can be purchased at any time upon the agreement between the seller and the buyer.

This collection is on the more unique side because it contains one sneaker from each pair in the set of six. Five of the six pairs of shoes being sold were worn on Jordan’s right foot. The Jordan VI is the one pair out of six that has the left shoe in the collection. Jordan wore this shoe when he and the Bulls won the franchise’s first championship against the Los Angeles Lakers in 1991.

The world awaits to see who will buy the “GOAT’s” shoes and how much they will be sold for. Stay tuned for more updates on the story.