‘Get Ready With Me’: The Rise of Gen Z’s Alix Earle

Charley Levine, Staff Writer

While scrolling through TikTok, one is fated to encounter the influencer who has, in the wake of the last few months, garnered over four million followers and, in the process, formulated a fanatical fanbase of young girls who rally avidly behind her. The bleached-blonde character, with a relatable and down-to-earth demeanor, is Alix Earle, a 22-year-old soon-to-be college graduate at Miami University. And though her content consists primarily of “get ready with me” videos, fans proclaim her fame is rooted in her authenticity; the makeup products she flaunts in her videos are but distractions from the spontaneous, unfiltered stories Earle offers as entertainment to her fans.

Whether Earle is slipping into bell-bottomed jeans or applying faux freckles, fans find themselves engrossed by her energetic and transparent disposition. Fans watch Earle from their phone screens, while dressed in sweats and in the comfort of their own homes, and are captivated by Earle’s infectious zeal as she selects bold outfits for a night out clubbing or as she shares staple products in her very particular makeup routine. Infatuated with her style and stories, fans scramble to get their hands on the products showcased in Earle’s videos, and consequently, Earle has become a magnet for beauty brand partnerships. Many may even accredit Earle for the surge in popularity cosmetic brands (such as Rare Beauty) have achieved in the wake of Earl’s exponential rise in followers. Beauty retailers have sold out of their inventories, and fans may find themselves on month-long waitlists when seeking out the makeup products of their favorite influencer.

Earle engages with her fans quite frequently and in this way she has redefined the influencer-fan dynamic. Each video is like a FaceTime call: Earle shares the drama of her life from her complicated relationship status to her plans for the weekend, reinforcing a friendship with her consistent fans. Not to mention, viewers find that there is something strangely soothing about watching Earle methodically approach a makeup look as they listen to an amusing life story. For fans, it’s more so about the process––the deep investment into how the makeup will turn out and how the outfit will match. This comforting space that Earle has fostered has allowed for her followers to feel as though she is a mentor, maybe an older sister or a best friend. Viewers immerse themselves into her life, and Earle, in turn, welcomes and embraces them.

Although she is famous for documenting her affluent life, Earle often chronicles when her plans go awry, when she is rummaging through drug stores before a beauty event, experiencing cystic acne breakouts, or cleaning up the dirty laundry strewn across her bedroom floor. These messy moments are the ones fans often gravitate towards most.

Naturally, Earle’s cosmic rise to fame has inspired other young girls to pursue their love for makeup through candid “get ready with me” videos (a hashtag with over 59.5 billion views) in hopes of blowing up as well. The phenomenon may seem strange to some, but one thing is for certain: Gen Z can’t stop gushing about its newest best friend, Alix Earle.